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Saturday, April 04, 2009

I just witnessed history two Beatles on stage together once again -Priceless!

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I just witnessed history two Beatles on stage together once again-Priceless!
note: said post is due to constant updates

I bet, you, want to hear the rest of the story?

Paul, introduces Billy Shears and out comes RINGO! The House went wild!
more tomorrow, I'm running on fumes~ I will post more tonight. when I get home...

Howard Stern, was brilliant, Jerry Seinfeld, had some funny bits. Eddie Vedder & Ben harper freakin awesome with Queens, Under Pressure. Just some of the quick highlights. There was no touching Paul & Ringo!

I leave for the airport shortly....I will post from home..back in California, Eddie Vedder's, voice was on hit. I loved Eddie's set, as was Macca's. I did manage to get a few hours sleep. so kids see ya back in Cali..
Wow, just got home 40 mins ago! whew and am I feelin

The gig!!!~
april 5th

where to begin? Eddie Vedder told a story about, being up for days as a security guard playing music and watching Eraserhead

( a DAVID lYNCH FILM ) over and over again..with no sleep, seeing cougars,(The animal species)_ driving next to him. when he went home at night from work! :)
It's funny, this entire weekend was a whirlwind!~ With no sleep, 15 plus hours in 3 days, a few minor mishaps, running on adrenaline, but so worth it for this charity event. ....

more later, I cannot type. I'm almost comatose :)

More on the Gig David Lynch, Change Begins Within
April 6th

We get to Radio City Music Hall which was only a few minute walk. I am wondering where Dear boy (John) & Nobodytoldme (Luuk) were at? I than met them and their mums. It was soo freakin cool, cuz we were all so freakin excited including their mums, ahhh so sweet. They gave me hugs for getting them tickets for their sons to the gig-which by the way was purely luck.
This made me misty beyond words.

People kept asking me if I had extra tix..I told a few people why not check the box office
' The front of Radio City was buzzing with people.

There was an old hippie standing in front of Radio City holding a framed piccie of The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi-also a small foto of George Harrison. hehehehe ...I had to take a piccie of him. Hopefully I can upload some of them.
There also was someone from the DLF filming in the front of Radio City. I told him that Luuk, was from the Netherlands and this was his first time to see Paul McCartney & Ringo ever! I hope he got that on film? heheheh

We finally had to go stand in line around the building which moved with a quickness, (security would not let us take piccies of the Paul McCartney billboard posted of the side -sadly,) than we were in! The inside was absolutely beautiful art decco style, breath taking. I than had to get me a beer than into the mad crowd surrounding the souvenir booth.

I bought three tee's 1 black, 1 blue & 1 purple tee. also the one poster of Paul McCartney "Change Begins Within" I wanted the cool limited edition posters- but it was very pricey at $100 a pop. This same poster was created by the same artist who created the Obama poster & the Sgt. Pepper inspired poster- which I do have...

so, then we were all off- to our seats. I entered the theater, so beautiful, and found my seat in Orches. 2, 15 rows back. off to the right.

The concert began and out comes David Lynch, a true host and gentlemen.
There was a great vibe kicking in that very moment- when Mr. Lynch, entered onto the stage.
.It began with a video which a can barely recall at this moment. a solo drummer pounding on the drum when each artist was announced- Angelo Badalamenti began playing a haunting version of Twin Peaks, on the piano. Very beautiful- it gave me goose bumps!
next Bettye LaVette-wow! can this woman, sing her heart out !! another great performance.

I had never heard of Ms. LaVette, I was extremely impressed with her set, full of soulful blueys emotion. Molby, was next. and sure enuff I cannot remember what Moby sang at all?-oops! I was fooling around with the Blackberry attempting to take piccies. The memory is slowly coming back due to my lack of sleep!
another short vid of meditation for kids in schools than David Lynch introduced Laura Dern. I cannot recall, not a single word, she said that stood out ~ ohhh...

Than came Sheryl Crow with Ben Harper on slide guitar- who did a moving rendition of
"My Sweet Lord" dedicated to George Harrison. The crowd were on their feet singing along to this one. Finally a shot of adrenaline for the crowd to participate, At times, I thought the audience was not sure- whether people should get up and dance and sing along with the performers?
This was great performance-well done Sheryl & Ben..wish I had vids to post of this gig....

I was a bit disappointed that Russell Simmons wasn't actually there as they showed a taped version of his support,of the DLF,and mediation for kids.

Ben Harper was next and played a cool lil set. Than both Eddie Vedder & Ben Harper did a freakin awesome cover of Under Pressure!~ coolio! that was a heart pounding performance, with audience participation of the clapping -bits. :)
intermission time: Radio City Music Hall, is huge and the bathrooms were just as lovely as the rest of the venue..I had to post it, ha! cool mint green, art decco, bathrooms~

There were some very friendly people at this event. People commented, on my hat-Yes,that was me, in the black top hat with the sliver glittery letters-that say Macca on front Member on the back, just in case we said hello in passing.

Some people, wanted my hat..No, it's mine!!~I joked. One older gentlemen said "Are we having fun yet?!" Yes, we are I said..hehehehe. I was very happy to meet some friendly New Yorkers as this was my first time to visit the city. Thank You. I missed most of what Mike Love said as I was coming back from downstairs.
The next artist was Donovan. who I couldn't actually believe, I was seeing live?-I told the women next to me..Michelle. He did "Hurdy Gurdy" man-wow! it started out a bit rough. I was especially surprised to hear "Wear your love like heaven" I haven't heard that song, since I what?? 8 years old...Than "Season of the Witch" with Sheryl Crow..

Donovan, spoke of George Harrison, hanging out with him in India, lovely. He had a special guitar man in his honor, (that almost made me cry. I was tearing up.) It was a lovely, robins egg, blue, accoustic guitar, which he played. (The maker of the guitar came out & handed it to Donovan) Paul Horn than played a piece on the flute-called meditation.

Next- out, Howard Stern, Right on! Howard, was so real and genuine on his story about how he was lead by his mother to a local meditation center at the early age of 19 that changed his whole life. 'Who would of thought a guy like me would be into meditation?' said Howard.
Howard Stern, stated Meditation saved his mothers life - I was touched deeply.

He had joked:

'You don't have to be a pussy to be into meditation'
Howard Stern, was effin hillarious! props to Howard-I thought he was actually funnier than Jerry Seinfeld. Which came as a bit of a surprise to see Jerry at this event..he had some funny bits.

I loved seeing Howard Stern tho. I couldn't stop laughing when Howard Stern, told his lil stories-brilliant! Howard.

If for some reason I messed up the lineup. Please excuse my error(s)

The audiance was waiting in antiscipation for Paul & Ringo. Said David Lynch, 'Paul McCartney has brought so much happiness into peoples lives.' Mr. Lynch, that is an understatement. hehehe.. I am so happy he did recognize, this fact...

back in a bit.... I will finish this post tomorrow
thanx, for your patience..

I swear people, I will finish later tonight after work...
Now my bberry isn't working. I hope I didn't loose the other foto's....

Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr are you freakin kidding me?!!

The moment we had all been waiting for- anxiously, Ringo! I couldn't believe it. I had never seen Ringo, live as stated before..Than Sheryl Crow introduced RINGO!

The crowd were on their feet.. "it don't come easy" Loved it!!! than "BOY's" I loved it, just as much as the first. Finally "Yellow Submarine" as the audiance chimed into the chorus- While us Beatle fans sang every lyric!! :)
I thought Boys, was the best of the set.The audiance was up and down, standing, than, sitting- than standing again!~like yoyo's hehehe
I thought that was it for Ringo.

than that very uncomfortable Q&A with Laura Dern...oh my!! It took forever for the set change Paul & The band, who were to perform last..

Finally! it was MACCA, who was annouced! The crowd were on their feet as Paul & The band began "Drive my car" you can hear the FANS, singing along to all of Paul's songs..It was as if 'Macca knew' his fans were there to support him and clearly, he was having a Great time..Paul looked fantastic, in Black jacket, white shirt -and what seemed a cool, new hair style..???

I wondered what Paul would bring to this gig? Next was "Jet", "Got to get you into my life"

than to the piano for "Let it be" Paul McCartney's, voice was on hit. He sounded fresh and full of energy. Paul spoke thru-out his set here & there, however, now I cannot remember a word? oh dang, oops how can I forget 'Lady Madonna?'

Next,"Blackbird" "Here Today" ded. to John- than there was some great video clips when the Beatles, had visited India. on the big screen, while Paul was singing .

It made the entire experience all the more moving-seeing all their young faces- with a trip that inspired the Beatle's so much in their music and their lives.. Next, "Band on the Run" people actually sat down when Paul and the began, I looked around c'mon people this is Paul McCartney!

I said to myself'-"Im rawkin it out, with Paul ,and the band from where I am sitting" I was one of the few standing. As Macca, looked my way, I wondered if he had noticed me dancing & singing my ass off?!! perhaps, maybe?

Paul, sang that verse like he has- before:

"And the first one said to the second one there, I hope your having fun!" I was pointing to Paul as he sang that verse.

I was having an effin great time! from my view point Paul & The band looked so happy! Rusty & that hair! right on! Brian shakin it a lil bit-you go Bri. Wix on the "Keys" than Abe! Abe, was back, pounding on the skins..Dang, we have missed Abe! He is so fun!!~ The Band was definately "On hit" one fined tuned instrument, together. I felt so happy to be there!

Next was "Can't buy me Love" at one point Paul asked the fans how they were on the top deck? The fans in the mezzinine sections roared with cheers to Paul!, that was awesome! It reminded me when John Lennon, said at the Concert for the Queen, "Now all you in the cheap seats rattle your jewelry" I heard this in my head as Paul addressed the fans-ooohh I felt misty.
I wondered if Paul, was actually going to bring out Ringo?
And now ladies & gentlemen, Billy Shears!
out runs Ringo! singing -With a little help from my friends" with Paul McCartney!! WTF! oh man, Oh man, the roaring from the crowd was huge, out of control, I tell you! You can feel the LOVE for Paul & Ringo!
Myself, I couldn't believe this was actually happening, as a childhood wish was coming to pass. I don't know if it was Paul or Ringo, who messed up a lil bit of the lyrics? I saw Paul, grinning at Ringo, than Ringo with a finger looked as if to say "Lets rap this up!!" heheheh..

The song was finished!!! no!!

The concert was over? Just like that we wanted more as the crowd cheered and clapped, Here they come again and Paul said something to the fact, "You knoew we would come back didn't you? hehhehe...

They started in with "Cosmically Cconscious" that was pretty brill; as Paul asked the crowd to sing-along. Lastly. "Saw her Standing there" wow, Ringo on the drums!! then all artist's, came onto the stage sang Ccosmically Conscious with Paul & The band.

What a brillaint end to a Beautiful Night I was in awe, a bit teary and so happy, I had the opportunity to attend this wonderful Charity benefitt, by the David Lynch- Foundation.
Thank you, Mr. Lynch, for hosting such a awe inspiring, happy event, I will never forget this for the rest of my life. I am so happy, to have had the privilege to attend... Cherished memories to last a lifetime!
Thank you Paul & Ringo for performing together!
it was truly magical!!
all piccies by Harleyblues, via my Blackberry-
these are the few I have chosen to post now

Paul & Ringo! April 4th, 2009 David Lynch Foundation, Change Begins Within
Radio City Music Hall~
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