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Monday, May 25, 2009

Fireman art work Paul McCartney - HMV

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Fireman art work Paul McCartney - HMV  

Hey people. I read online that Paul McCartney's  Fireman Artwork is avaialble via the purehmv webby. I went to investiagate. They have some wicked lookin art work avaialble signed by Macca himself... Unable to post artwork here. One is sold out. You need points to get the art work. So I went to order two pieces- went to check out and what does it say?

This country is unavaliable for delivery! Dang!~ I didn't know there where signed items available thru hmv? until today. that kinda sux for those of us in the US.

what is the sense of being a member if you cannot purchase things right? maybe you will be lucky enuff to get one of these personally signed items. see link here purehmv 

Speakin of The Fireman album, Electric Arguments. Today is the 25th of May. It was said that those of US who purchased the Fireman deluxe box set, would finally see the day of light to be delivered, today, May 25th  it's 1:13pm no delivery man yet. I am still waiting -- as I ordered this box set in November! Ha! :)

May 26th Still no Electric Arguments Deluxe Box set!!!!!!!!
more later
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