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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paul McCartney this Summer

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Paul McCartney this Summer

Hey people, how are you this fine day or evening? Wonder how many concerts Macca is going to surprise us with this summer? me too.

... I will post about the above tomorrow...June 2nd, it's late, I just got home ~ so this will have to wait` Well it's true and this is what I was going to talk about. Have you gotten your tix for macca in Nova Scotia, July 11th? better add another date to your itinerary. Just confirmed, today, Paul McCartney is going to play New York again July 17th & 18th at Citi feild....Nice, that we don't have that much notice..of course they won't let me have it off just like Coachella. I would suggest traveling to see Macca, It is weel worth it if you have the time off and the funds..

more later...
Beatle's Come Together Rock Band

Today, Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr along with Olvia Harrsion & Yoko Ono came together to unveil the Beatle's New Rock Band due out this coming September. Below is a snippet care of BBC news..Paul, actually revealed some of the upcoming Beatles's Rock Band footage when he played at the Joint in April in Las Vegas..last month..

more later
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