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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Cedric the Entertainer on Smokers and-

Cedric the Entertainer on Smokers and?

Morning people! I laughed my ass off this early morning on "old jews telling jokes" I wanna share a bit of comedy with you. Bet, most of ya haven't seen the Original Kings of Comedy?. Hella funny I tell you. Cedric, bustin out on smokers. So true! Nothing like music and laughter to sooth the soul... had to revise this post since the audio quaility wasn't great..

posted are these two parts- since the two go together. Cedric on Reggae music, ghetto weddings, gangs, sports, kicken ass and of course smoking.. The end cuts off to Bernie Mac...This is funny as all get.. "I'm a grow ass man Dawg" lmao!

part 2 of the set..

Love Cedric-one of my favorite comedians!

I'd like to see Cedric do a routine on the Beatles or Paul & John..

hope you like the vids posted -
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