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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Piccie's of Paul McCartney at The Joint Las Vegas

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Piccie's of Paul McCartney at The Joint Las Vegas

My friend Elsa, has just sent me a few lovely piccies of Paul McCartney at The Joint in Las Vegas from the April 19th gig. .She was two people in front of me. All foto's posted are taken by Elsa B. Aren't these fabulous!! brilliant job Els..
Hopefully, I will have more to share later. Thank you Elsa, for sharing~ xx girlie these Rawk!! Better than my lil ol Blackberry:)

Just added pics fom Audrey - to be con..
Audrey also took some brilliant pics at the Joint that night-check these below 

Paul McCartney at The Joint Hard Rock Cafe April 19th foto courtesy Elsa B.

Paul McCartney at the Joint Hard Rock Cafe Vegas foto courtesy Elsa B.
Paul McCartney at the Joint Las Vegas foto courtsey Elsa B.
Now, if I could just, figure out, how to make these bigger? I don't know jack, about photoshop :) They are brilliant enlarged- Elsa did a fine job. No, nervous, shaky hands here.. wished I had a camera.
The Joint - Reviews and Reaction
"This crowd knew every note and every word by heart, but no one there had ever heard these songs played with such intensity""McCartney has his best band since, well, the Beatles, and they harmonized angelically and rocked ferociously""Hair-raising. Spine-tingling. Maybe I’m amazed."Las Vegas Sun"
McCartney remains a sharp and agile performer, his voice as supple, warm and elastic as ever.""Macca signatures Let It Be and The Long and Winding Road... still have the power to raise gooseflesh."USA Today"
"All You Need Is Paul''
"Vegas Correspondent Joan Myers Gets Blown Away by Macca at The Joint "
The energy at The Joint was like being at Bruce and U2 combined""The night was truly spectacular and took this fan on an emotional journey... Thanks, Sir Paul, for reminding me why I’m still in this biz…and feeling happy and fortunate to be here."Hits Daily Double
"The concert of a lifetime"Las Vegas Citylife
"What a clever idea -- revealing totally benign footage, nothing gameplay-related, as a surprise, knowing that it was going to spread virally all over YouTube and gaming forums over the weekend. Also illustrates just how seriously the band takes this game.""Man oh man, does Paul
McCartney still have it or what?""
"Festival goers at Coachella this weekend weren't only treated to Paul McCartney's hits-filled headlining set Friday night; they also unknowingly witnessed the debut of footage from the upcoming 'The Beatles: Rock Band', due out September 9th."Rolling"
"In a world of shaky cams and YouTube, what happens on a rock-concert stage is going to reach the world. Over the weekend, the first video game footage from 'The Beatles: Rock Band' debuted in massive fashion as legendary Beatles bassist Paul McCartney rocked through a set with his band at California's Coachella music festival. The footage spread across the Internet, first as a rumor that the visuals behind McCartney were a hint of this September's MTV-backed 'Rock Band' spin-off. Later came confirmation on McCartney's website that this was, indeed, the most unusually staged debut of video game footage ever.""
Great reviews from the media- Paul and the band sure did Rawk The Joint that's for sure!
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