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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New books Broken Saint: a Story of a Brillaint Failure

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New books Broken Saint: a Story of a Brilliant Failure

Hey people, are you an avid reader? well, I have something new for you. Just a few short months ago, my friend-
Mark Zamen and fellow Beatles's fan, published his very first novel, titled: Broken Saint.
Mark, had mentioned, years ago, he had been writing such a book, (but was pretty low key about it- all ) and now, his dream of becoming a published Author, has come to fruition. Right on, Mark! I Love, when that happens!

I cannot wait to read the book myself. Below, is the press release to Broken Saint-

says Mark "The Beatles are mentioned in the book" I didn't ask him what chapter tho? :) I will just have to read it- for myself. I am proudly, happy for Mark's- most recent, accomplishment.... way to go! well done!



Vietnam Vet Struggles with Post-War Life, Religion, Sexual Orientation, and
Mental Illness in California Author’s Novel

Tom Wahrheit was a combat infantryman in Vietnam. He was gay. He
was Mormon. He was manic-depressive. And Mark E. Zamen’s Broken
Saint: A Story of a Brilliant Failure shows how Tom could have been so
much more.
From his first breakdown during the war through his attempts to navigate
the rough seas of post-military life, Tom struggles to reconcile the different facets of his life. In Tom’s story, there are incidents of trueugliness, with no sugar coating. There are also interludes of peace when Tom, for a time, knows true contentment.

Ultimately, this is a story of intolerance and how it is internalized and
often prevents us from being true to ourselves. Broken Saint is the
penetrating, fictionalized account of a real man torn asunder by forces beyond his control, a very
good man who should have been a productive and successful member of society.

Publisher’s website:

About the Author: Mark E. Zamen met the man upon whose life this novel is
based on their first day in the Army. Mark was inspired to tell Tom’s story after
witnessing what he has gone through over the course of their nearly four decades-
long friendship. Both men hope that readers will derive knowledge
and understanding from learning of these sometimes sad, sometimes euphoric,
often grotesque actions and experiences – and the psychological processes
underlying them. Mark lives in Mountain View, California with his wife. They
have a 24-year-old daughter.

For media inquiries, appearances, or other publicity

please contact: Ellen Green —

AEG Publishing Group, Inc.
845 Third Avenue, 6th floor-6016 – New York, NY 10022

1-888-808-6190 - Corporate Office

Where to find Copies of Broken Saint- you can find it on Amazon or see my widget to the left on sidebar yu can click there - also Barnes & Noble.

Good Luck, Mark, I wish you, HUGE Success on the road to the Bestsellers list!

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