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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Londoners Come Together in Trafalgar Square for a happy sing-along to Hey Jude

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Londoners Come Together in Trafalgar Square for a Happy Sing-Along to Hey Jude

Where were you April 30th, at 6pm ? as for me, I was sleeping peacefully, dreaming happily, of flying to New York, for the David Lynch Charity Bennie, looking forward to seeing Paul McCartney & Ringo. David Lynch Charity blog post here

While I slept away, something was stirring across the pond. 13,500 Londoners, to be exact

who gathered together, for a happy Sing along in Trafalgar Square. Singing The Beatles -
Hey Jude, sponsered by T Moile. ( I am guessing they're all from London? :) ) see vid below...

T Mobile advertsiment- Trafalgar Square, London

Thenk Goodness, T Mobile had a huge jumo-tron with the lyrics included. to Hey Jude :) so people could sing along. There were some shaky lyrics from some of these, song birds :) however, all in all everyone, in the vid appeared to be having a wonderful time...This musta've left the people, who were there, that day, in such a happy, wonderful mood! What a brillaint idea, T Mobile!! my slogan below would be:

T Mobile bringing the word together thru music- one voice at a time ! I love it!


I wonder if the commercial above, will be aired in the States? It would make me wanna run out and buy a phone and I'm not the type, usually swayed by ads , .with the exception of the Adidas ad, House Party. I'd air it "All over the place"..:)
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