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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One more Angel now in Heaven Baby Nehemiah

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One more Angel now in Heaven- Baby Nehemiah

This is hard. My sister Rachel & her husband Danielle's, lil baby. Nehemiah, went to Heaven after a long hard fought battle of illness. What a fighter this lil guy was. A beautiful lil baby boy..I am deeply saddened. My heart goes out to Rachel & her hubby Danielle.

Losing any loved one is a difficult thing. Losing a child is devastating. I am really at a loss for words, right at this moment. Even tho, he was only here for a lil over 3 years he touched the hearts and lives of many.

I Love you Nehemiah. .I can only imagine what heaven is like? I hear it's a beautiful place. I hope you get to hear beautiful music in heaven,. like the Beatles! See all the beautiful things there is to see, golden sunrises and rainbows. Smell the flowers and play with God's lil creatures.

You've got your lil feets in the clouds, You can play! You can laugh! You are free! no more pain. May God, ease the pain in your parents hearts and bless them. Your parents, love you deeply...

God bless you, lil Nehemiah.. You are in my prayers and my heart always.You are truly an Angel... xoxoxo's I picked these lil songs just for you. xoxoxox's

Anyone reading this please listen to vids below..:)

Lucy in the Sky with diamonds

If comments are posted I will post them to my sister on a memorial page that has been dedicated to Nehemiah

All My Trials Macca & Wings


Mr Blue Sky- ELO

I can hear you laugh~:):)
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