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Saturday, May 09, 2009

A WTF? Moment, Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell are Engaged!

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A WTF? Moment, Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell are Engaged!?!
9:57 pm sat night.. foto courtesy Sunday Express

The reason I say A WTF? moment, is because, I am utterly shocked! Paul your getting married agian? I Just read this tid bit from the Sunday Express titled:
"I wanna be your man" Oh, I didn't think that Macca would ever marry, again? Damn, I want Paul to be happy. I worry tho.. well here is some of what the Sunday Express Reports~

"SIR Paul McCartney and his new love Nancy Shevell have sealed their love by getting engaged – but they don’t want to make an official announcement in case the happy moment is hijacked by his former wife Heather Mills.

A friend said that every time something was published about the former Beatle’s relationship, Heather seized the opportunity to steal the limelight for herself.
Meanwhile Sir Paul, 66, has told friends that the more time he and Nancy, 47, spend together the more he feels she is the closest thing to his first wife Linda, who died more than a decade ago.
“Paul just loves being in love. He feels that he functions better and feels more complete as a human being,” said a member of his circle.

“It’s as though being in love is a natural state for him.”

Paul has said:

“Nancy is enough like Linda to make me happy again – and enough of a woman for me to feel like I’m embarking on a whole new journey.
“I was at rock bottom when I met Heather. I didn’t know what I wanted. This time I do.
“Nancy and I both happened to be in the right place at the right time, so here I go again. It’s what life’s all about, isn’t it?”

more later I'm trippin!!!~ :) I dunno if this is a rumour or not? It sure reads like its for real? Yeah Paul, there nothing like! This is one of those, where were you moments, when you read or hear news!

Now, on second read I don't believe, Paul, would say " Nancy is enough like Linda to make me happy again" 'and enough of a woman' stop there- this doesn't sound correct. Would Paul actually say this? lol It must be rumour-only


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