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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Last Michael Jackson rehearsals plus Jackson Memorial

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Last Michael Jackson rehearsal plus Jackson Memorial

Ok, so it's been one week since Michael Jackson, passed away, and I am feeling sad about his passing- now, a week later. I am welling up at times. The out pour of fan tributes is very touching. I can't imagine what his mother Katherine Jackson is feeling at this time or the rest of the Jackson family, the grief must be over whelming. I saw a snippet of Matt Lauer's interview with Jermaine Jackson this eveing, very telling and honest. What a heart Jermaine is :)

Last sundays tribute to Michael Jackson on the BET awards was touching with a 4 day notice. Jamie Fox, was brilliant. I am hoping BET does a full out tribute for Michael Jackson, properly.

Last Video footage of Michael Jackson during rehearsals

Wow, this video above is rehearsals of Michael Jackson, at Staples Center, two days prior to his passing. He looks healthly. energentic, full of life, not drugged out like some of the media are claiming. What a tragic loss. I am hoping, if there is any such possibilty that Michael could see all the LOVE and support that is being bestowed upon him now. He could smile down and be in peace I feel for his die hard Respects..

Michael Jackson Memorial July 7th Staples

I don't know if this is rumour or true? The Jackson family, are planing a memorial for Michael this coming July 7th on Tuesday, at Staples Center in Los Angelos. IF, this had been the weekend, I would have tried to make the memorial, myself.. I think it would be a beautiful memorial to the King of POP ..Will you, be there?

Jermaine Jackson has confirmed on Larry King Live- There will be a memorial for his brother at Staples Center on July 7th @ 10am According to Anderson Cooper 360 you need to register online to get a ticket to the memorial service..

note: Now Debbie Rowe, is trying to get cuztody of the kids? please..heavey sigh...

Macca below
june 3rd
Paul McCartneys memories of Michael

I first heard from Michael when he phoned me over the Christmas holiday season in 1980 and my initial reaction was “who is this and how did he get my private telephone number?”. Michael laughed and explained who it was and, as we talked and I asked him why he was ringing, he said “Do you wanna make some hits?” and that was the start of our adventure together.

He came over to England with his close friend and minder, Billy and they visited our house in the country many times as Michael and I put together the ideas for our songs together. First of all, we came up with and finished an idea for a song I had started which became Say Say Say. We recorded in Air Studios, London with George Martin producing and eventually went to California to make the video for the song. Funnily enough, I was staying at the ranch that Michael later bought and made into Neverland.

My memories are of his great sense of humour and we seemed to spend most of the time playing around and having a laugh. He became very friendly with my family and we had lots of great times together. Although we drifted apart in later years I will always remember fondly the fun we had working and playing together. My family and I send our deepest condolences to his family and, like them, we know that his great talent will never be forgotten.

Paul, that is brilliant, so lovely to read about your initial memories of Michael and you!~ and seeing Neverland, last night via telly and they speaking bout you and Michael working together at Neverland for the SAY SAY SAY video,, geeez I get chills writing this. becuz , I know you are a wonderful person Macca, and would not hold any grudges towards Michael Jackson, you are so wonderful to post such happy memories...I suppose this is hitting alot of us a lil bit harder a week later after his death. You are correct " a Great talent that will never be forgotten." I really enjoyed reading your further happy memories of you and Michael~

"Step right up c'mon  lady's and gentlemen gather around  for the Mac & Jack Magic Potion" :):)

Note: Will Paul McCartney be performing at Michael Jackson's Memorial? That would be something~

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