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Monday, July 06, 2009

Rep. Pete King talks Smack about Michael Jackson

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Rep. Peter King talks Smack about Michael Jackson

Ok, I just saw this lil tid bit on the news. Oh no he didn't ! This, really, pisses me off! A politician, idiot, Represenitive of New York, talking smack about Michael Jackson on the media coverage and his death.. WTF What a Fool!!!! I sit here I'm a bit stunned by this idiots comments.

Hey you JERK, PETE KING! Are you freakin serious? Of course we honor our troops in the Middle East & those that protect us! Whatta maroon~

Hum try saying this to his mother. How dare you disrespect The Jackson Family and all his fans all over the world!!~ People are mouning Michael Jackson's death you dumb ass! Were you thinking these same thoughts when John Lennon & Elvis passed away?!!~ What a freakin hater!!! and we have people like this- in office? Shameful!!!!

The only one making a "FOOL" of himself, is you, Congressman!

more later~

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