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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Macca Giggin it out on top of Ed Sullivan Theater?! Letterman Show

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Macca Giggin it out on top of Ed Sullivan Theater?! Letterman Show.
video update below

.Tonight's is his really Big Show on David Letterman!!~A first ever for Paul McCartney.. See Paul McCartney and The Band Rawk it out on top of Ed Sullivan/Letterman Marquee-
Macca & The guys give an impromptu concert for surprised New Yorkers..heheheheheh It was 45 years today when the Beatles hit America making their 1st performance on Ed Sullivan..

Wow! That had to be something for those who were there waiting inline for Letterman tix & passers by.. A semi recreation of the Beatles rooftop concert originally performed in 1960 on top of Apple records. London.

New post Reply with quote click link left...

McCartney Plans Web Encore After Letterman Taping
from Wired
By Lewis Wallace July 15, 2009
"After taping two songs for Wednesday’s Late Show With David Letterman, Paul McCartney will play an online encore.

The Beatles legend will perform additional songs that will be webcast exclusively on and The webcast should go up by 8 p.m. EST or so, and will be available for three days, according to a CBS Interactive spokeswoman.

Late Show is taped in New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater on the same stage where The Beatles made their U.S. debut on The Ed Sullivan Show 45 years ago. McCartney will also sit down for an interview with Letterman on the TV broadcast, which airs Wednesday at 11:35 p.m. EST/PST on CBS."

see for Live broadcast or click this link left...

check your local listings to watch Paul McCartney on the Dave Letterman show, Tonight.

Link not up yet for exclusive McCartney Broadcast - as of 6:30 pm
Thanx to Silly Love Songs for providing this lil tidbit.. Oh man the mini concert is now on the CBS link!~ 9:57 pm west coast time. Just watched. Coming up, Band on the Run is currently up...wooohoooo Now I'm going back to see the rest of the gig. See you there. :)

CNN Comes thru! Here is a snippet of the Mini Gig!

Paul & The band doing "Get Back" & "Back in The USSR" in midtown Manhattan> What a sight!

Paul this is freakin Brilliant! ~I do say that all the time now, don't I? Thanx CNN for providing some video. Paul I wore a pink shirt today also!!~ hahahahaha


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