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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New McCartney Video Dance til were High!!

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New McCartney video Dance Til Were High!

Oohhh I have been waiting for this one since, Electric Arguments, came out. Dance til were high The 8th track off Macca's recent 3rd Fireman album.. Iinteresting lil back drop as Paul comes to life via a framed picture on a white wall. As if to say -Picture this, step inside?!, taking us to a back ground of a ...night time
Carnival of Light(s)? HA!

Does Paul, have something up his sleeve with Dance till were high? perhaps a lil teaser of the highly antiscipated Beatle's, Carnival of Light, rumoured earlier this year .... to be released- soon? OR, is this, purely innocent, a coincedence on Paul's, part.. makes- me- go- hum?! see video here at....

I thought of Carnival of Light as soon I watched ... What do you think?
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