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Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Show at CitiField

HarleyBlues is in New York attending the Citi Field shows. She just called in a glowing report of last night's show, the first at the now historic Citi Field.

HarleyBlues reports Paul and his band were really rockin' the stage and the New York fans. There was some rain, but it didn't dampen the spirit of the show.

HarleyBlues exclaimed that "I'm Down" was the one of the best songs of the night, so I found a video on YouTube.

 We're thinking that maybe Paul is performing some of the songs The Beatles did back at Shea Stadium.

Special guest Billy Joel was on piano for "I Saw Her Standing There," probably returing the favor since Paul also joined him during his last show at Shea Stadium.

Other highlights from the evening:
Mark remarked that Citi Field must be in the direct path for air traffic bound for JFK airport. So Paul took advantage of the live sound effects to play "Back In The USSR."

"Give Peace A Chance" was dedicated to John Lennon. Paul also brought out the ukelele for "Something," dedicated to George Harrison.

Opening band (from Ireland) "The Script" must have been overwhelmed by the excitement of the evening. Can you imagine the exposure they will get from this tour?

There was spontanious singing at the end of the concert, while fans were waiting for the subway. Video is probably on YouTube somewhere, I'll post it later if I can find it.

This is mikiesoft guest posting for HarleyBlues. Follow Mike on Twitter!

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