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Friday, July 31, 2009

Paul McCartney's Final Tour Rumours Lets not Freak OUT!

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Paul McCartney's Final Tour Rumours Let's Not Freak OUT!

Beatle's and McCartney fans knew this day would come, eventually. According to The
Paul McCartney is planing a massive, final tour, next year, in 2010. I am sad to see this happen.

Aug 1st
afternoon sometime.

Yesterday, I read the news, like millions of other people. There are rumours of a McCartney FINAL TOUR! Damn I hoped this wasn't true! Paul, is NOT, calling it quits!!!!!

The finality of it all, left me saddened and wondering? Is Paul actually gonna hang up his Hofner? The past few weeks some close friends and I, have been discussing this same issue. When will Paul call it quits? He has young Bea, his new woman Nancy, he is at a certain age, Is it coming to a point of a"Macca retirement" so he may enjoy his life besides playing for his legions of wild & crazy, diehard fans? Paul McCartney isn't gonna stop touring people! .

Is there any truth in the rumour at all? There is a great lil interview from the Washington Post, dated July 30th that seems to clear up some of the mystery as to IF or when Paul McCartney will retire.

He acknowledges that he has thought about retirement, but not seriously and certainly not soon. "It's what everyone else does, and that thought has to occur to you," he says. "Even 15-year-olds will be looking at the year 65 and think that's probably when I'll retire," he says. "But strange things happen in music. You look at people like Tony Bennett, B.B. King -- people who are as good if not better than they were. And you sort of think, oh! And you look at that as your beacon kind of thing. Plus, the thing is, I always said when people don't want to come and I'm struggling, then I have to look at it more seriously . . . I certainly couldn't just give it up like that. I like it too much."

Yep Paul, I totally agree You say the audiance is healing? Well, YOUR music, is totally healing as I have written many a time on my blog here.I can't wait to see you agian & Rawk out with you and your brillaint band!

Well, I am relieved and estatic to know Macca, isn't retiring anytime soon as a final farwell tour, indicates all over, the damn net. Diehard fans can't help but panic when the news dropped yesterday. Heavey sigh. Like Paul says- don't believe eveything you the media... So rest your lil heads. Paul, isn't gonna stop touring anytime soon!! :):) Be happy, Rejoice! Happy Feet Snoopy Dance! wooohooooo!

I'm happy to READ that!
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