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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ha, Kanye West disses Taylor Swift at MTV Awards

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Ha, Kayne West disses Taylor Swift at MTV Awards!

after a moving tribute from Madonna - Man that was deep, than a spectacular tribute to  Michael Jackson- which almost moved me to tears. Taylor Swift beat out Beyonce, Pink and Lady Gaga for Best female Video. As she went on stage Kanye West followed. Grabbing the Mic from her saying. "I'm really happy for you but, Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time" . Taylor, stood there stunned!~        

Even tho, I don't care for Kanye.. that WAS pretty balls'y of him. I agree. Taylor swift didn't deserve that Moon Man!~ What was MTV thinking? The song is bubble gum crap and the vid nothing special. Kayne, took a stand and voiced his opinion.  I know what he meant! One thing about award shows there is always a surprise or two....

Moday Eve,

Kanye West, Rhianna & Jay Z just appeared on Lay Leno's new show about 5 ago. Before their performance. Jay sat down with Kanye & asked him about last nights VMA's. Jay asked "tough day?" Kanye was humble, admitted he was wrong. He was Rude- says Kanye.
Kanye says he's gonna take a look at himself.. Well for me. I liked Kanye's realness who says 'he is going to apologize to Swift in person'... OK.

hb. She/ Taylor, still, didn't deserve the award - I give Kanye, props, for standing up, admitting he was wrong, he is human. He gained some respect from me.

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