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Friday, September 11, 2009

Paul McCartney plays Dallas plus Sound Check part 2

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Paul McCartney Plays Dallas plus Sound Check part 2

Since It's been, most difficult, to edit my blog posty below. I thought, I will start a part 2 too finish off The Dallas experience. I've done this in the past with other gigs I have attended. (see older posts below) Besides, I have more piccies to add. Enjoying Beatles Rock Band or the Remaster's?

piccie above by me~

I have to say "I'm Down" I Got a Feeling" and "Taxman" had to be some of the high lights for me, on this trip!!! They rawked, so hard and it was cool that Paul sang a couple verses my way of "I'm Down" & "Paperbackwriter" or he coulda been lookin over my shoulder at Elsa, singing to her? lmao!!~

That was me, holding the Neon sign courtsey of Rick Fans on the Run

piccie above by me

The gig was really cool besides the dimwitted security. The crowd really started to warm up half way thru the gig as I had said before. Lots of happy intoxicated folks! ha.. I saw that Paul & The band felt this too The energy was amazing! when the concert ended I attempted to find my friends who did NOT have access to my area. I had to walk what seemed like a mile, an hour plus later. None of the staff in their golf carts would help me at all.

Once, I found the gang we went to some crummy lil hamburger joint. I had ice tea and water. We were there for over an hour. Laughin really silly from exhaustion. It was fun talking about seeing Macca & The band. We dropped off some people at their hotel.. Than it was off to the airport for me & Mike.. Mike off to Mexico and me back to Cali. Remember I had been up since 8:30 am the previous morning.

The Dallas airport was a ghost town & 3am and I was dog tired. I said my goodbyes to my friends and off I went into the airport with the glaring lights and uncomfortable chairs. I closed my eyes hoping to fall asleep. 3 hrs later I boarded the plane headed for Denver. I had to transfer- than boarded a plane for San Jose- Dang I still couldn't sleep and rested my eyelids the entire way. Once I arrived in Cali I took a cab home, took a shower than it was off to work! YES WORK! whew I had made it!

I have no regrets at all going to Dallas- Glad to meet up with friends, happy to meet Rusty after all these years & I loved the Soundcheck. It was fairly expensive. It could have been a cheaper if I had my way. The food fantastic. Shelly a doll & the other wonderful fans that I met brill. I wish I could have finally met Paul :) maybe next time!

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