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Saturday, November 28, 2009

a Fireman ONLY gig what are the chances?!

a Fireman ONLY gig what are the chances?!

Now, that would be somethin!! Here's a clue for you all.. Thanx, MPL for the link to "Paul McCartney to play Fireman Live"

Even IF this was only to be rumour, why not? Can you imagine, Maaca & the boys doing an all out rockin jam session? all Fireman stuff, with other obscure music snuck for good measure - for Macca's die hard fans- pleasure?. I could see it!! This is the type of gig I have hoped for. Don't worry bout the audience! Just do it Big Mac!


Speaking exclusively to The Quietus on the eve of the launch of his new live DVD, ‘Good Evening New York’, McCartney said:

“We might well have to do a special venue and say, ‘We’re only doing Fireman stuff tonight and nothing else!’ and if people went for that then we’d have something.”

hb: hmm

“Yeah, it does free you up,” McCartney told us. “And I like working with Youth on the Fireman stuff which is nice 'cos you get away from [fans’] expectations and it’s very nice to do. Consequently it makes for a very free album and we can go anywhere and the idea of idea of taking it on the road is cool.”

He then added jokingly:

“Well, we thought about it a bit but it’s people walking out that I’m worried about!”

source: The Quietus


Paul McCartney! Fuck that. Don't worry bout who's gonna show & who's not? Are you kidding me? Let em stay home if they don't wanna attend.. I know you care and all.. but, break outta the box..

I love all your jammy jam's with the fella's, it's fresh, new and exciting.. Hell, you can even throw in Hey Jude & fuck everybody up..hahahaha We know it's a favorite..You have so much material. why not give it a go? it's one reason I love, sound checks so much, the jamming. As I sit here wondering thinking & pondering?!! look what ya did with Paper Back writer as an example.. My vote is YES to a Fireman gig.....:)

what do you think-comments?

more later


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