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Monday, March 01, 2010

Paul McCartney to tour the UK & Ireland this summer- Up Coming Tour

Paul McCartney to tour The UK & Ireland this summer- Up Coming Tour..
woohooo Nice to get some heads up. So, The Union Jack Tour, is coming to fruition :):) Brilliant!!

12 June: RDS Stadium, Dublin
13 June: Isle Of Wight Festival (headliner Sun)
20 June: Hampden Park, Glasgow
26 June: Millenium Stadium, Cardiff
27 June: Hyde Park, Londen

more later

I had posted this last night so excited around 11:35 am right?. I am grateful, some dates were annouced for the summer in the UK, LOVE the UK.. At work today, I look at my potential off time /vacation schedule.. I maybe have, 1 freakin day off- that lands on these UK dates.. I don't know about where you work, but we need to bid for vacation a year in advance - I have sprinkled dates off thru out the year - in hoping "fun Time, lands on, Macca Time" If this isn't bad enough, you must have time off on the books..
Ha! not funny .. I bet tomorrow all heck will break loose as people try and buy these Macca tix.

more later - back to work.. :)

Thanx Macca's Team, for providing links via Macca's webby- with the glitches and all.. 

It's better than Ticketmaster ...


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