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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Macca opens up with Venus & Mars Rock show in Arizona

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Macca opens up with Venus & Mars/ Rock Show in Arizona

Well kids, Paul McCartney, has officially kicked off his "Up & coming Tour" in Arizona
From what we hear, Paul, and the band come on stage past their 7:30 start time.. It's aloud :) And what fans had wished, hoped and prayed for years has happened! Paul, surprises- everyone and breaks out with:

Venus and Mars/Rock Show--

YEP! I could only imagine the gasps by diehard fan & followers in the crowd.. going absolutely crazy. I do not wish to know the set list myself. Paul, hasn't played his Wings Anthiem, since his world what- since 76? Oh holy hell, I can't freakin believe it!! as I post this message.

This past week Paul posted a video message to fans- on youtube. You can hear the intro of Rock Show as Abe tap, tapped the cymbols- heheheh was it a tease of what was to come? but of course YES!

Damn, The Hollywood Bowl is surely to be a freakin, rawkin good time... One for the books. I'm feeling it.. This is gonna be huge- getting the chills now~ wow, just brilliant..I can't wait to jet off for Hollywood tomorrow...

Below Venus & Mars Rock show -Jet

Seattle King Dome- 1976

enjoy the video~ stay tuned!

hey, may I make a request! I'd Love to hear Uncle Albert/A. H. hehehe. I'm taillights!


McCartney ~hb
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