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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Few short days until Macca kicks off Upcoming Tour

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A Few short days until Macca' kicks off Up Coming Tour

Hey people. Woohoo, just a few more days until, Macca's brand spanking new - Up & Coming Tour.. Now, who, has tix to Arizona & The Hollywood Bowl? I'll be at the Hollywood Bowl. The Terraces seem so far away for the amount of a ticket at $390.00 would be nice to be closer. But wait!! Why is Ticketmaster offering front row tix at - watch this now, $2000.00 a pop? Us fans already got burned on this pre-sale with no tickets available. Now, they wanna lock us out of the front row packages too? $2000 bucks is alot for a front ticket, dinner, and sound check. Damn already, why are they, ( The Promoters ) charging so much? Please, don't tell me it's the location- Hollywood ~Bullchips!
Ticketmaster has claimed in the past "the Artist's" have control of ticket prices. Yeah ok, tickets are so much cheaper in Europe..
If I was going to meet Paul, it wouldn't hurt so badly.. Just another example for the haves & have nots'.
Most of the diehard fans, always travel.. more dollars to shell out etc..

Truly, I think it's a bunch of crap for charging and gouging fans of music- for sky high ticket prices & package deals. AGAIN! seem to get higher & higher every year. It also appears to be greed $$ to me, for that all mighty dollar, attempting to take advantage of people- is pure crap. This really pisses me off. In years past, other packages - for music fans included, hotels & other perks for a decent price, a bit on the high side- semi affordable but do-able Give us a break geez~ I always go round and round about this now don't I~ Lucky for those of you who saw the Beatles for $2.50 -$ 5.00 all those years ago..

more later lol
Sat March 27th

Hey people, how are you on this glorious, beautiful day?

whew, I just pulled off a quick one trying to upgrade one of my tickets for the Hollywood Bowl..Still have the one ticket for the 30th in the Terraces-
Picce right David Lynch Charity Gig- New York 2009
I shall be enjoying some cool beverages at that location and taking notes for my blog. Do we need binoculars or what? On the 31st I scored me a POOL ticket expensive but not as much as some brokers wanted. damn!

hassle upgrading Paul McCartney tickets

I ordered the ticket last night. They call me, early morning, EST. leaving a message stating 'something is wrong with my credit card'- huh? yeah, I'm on the fone ASAP. I get on the fone and they wanted me to send them a copy of my drivers license & credit card. Hell no. I'm not doing that- what? Stub - Hub doesn't ask for these details I tell them. I don't have access to a scanner, printer etc at the MO. After much debate they cancel my order than attempted to complete the order for a second time. Success! Your ticket shall be arriving Tuesday. Um, what do you mean Tuesday? Can you not send my ticket today, since I paid the $15.00 express payment, Oh, we don't send tickets out today they told me.

So we will be sending the ticket to your residence..the lil voice, said over the fone

Great, how are people to get their tickets so close to the concert date? Well, you can provide us with another postal address. This was starting to become a WTF moment. Well, I said, let me call the hotel directly and see if the ticket can be shipped to their location. You'll have to email us with an updated delivery address said the girl on the fone..Heavy Sigh.

Look, I said, emails can be lost. Let me call the hotel -than call you back, OK?. Called the Hotel and they had no problem with a package being delivered. Called the Ticket broker back. It took another 20 minutes to get thru. This time around- the girl was much more co-operative. I still had to send an email to her- confirming the address of the hotel, verbally, over the phone, wasn't acceptable... Do you ever get a 'bit stressed' making arrangements to see Macca & Co? :)

more later, Please feel free to add a comment- HA!!

McCartney~ hb
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