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Monday, May 31, 2010

Purple Melon on The Hill's- MTV


Purple Melon on The Hill's MTV

Tomorrow Night- (Tuesday) Purple Melon to appear in a episode of the Hills -MTV

From L-to R Owen Barry, Eric Joyce, Tom Hill, Jason Ganberg- of Purple Melon~

British Band, Purple Melon, from London, now in LA, to appear in an episode of The Hills on MTV . The band has been together for a lil over 2 plus years. (correct me if I'm wrong fella's)

Last night I had a chat with Owen- of PM.. A few months back he had mentioned MTV came calling but I wasn't sure for what? Apparently, cast members, of The Hills- were going to the Viper Room in LA that night- to see the band perform also wanting to meet the band. With their retro rocker good looks. I'm sure the female viewers will find PM- Charming, Hot, and verry & Rock n Roll! :) does it hurt they're British? Tune in and watch, see for your self- what this Purple Melon mania is all about!-

Right on Boy's we are so proud..! Geoff Baker would be proud- where is that, Geoff Baker?

-Purple Melon's debut album due out this summer "Henry's Rocket"

Who is Purple Melon:-'Purple Melon is a four piece , British Band...that try to write and perform what they consider to be real music' - Owen B

Music style:-I like to describe our sound as very nostalgic yet fresh classic in a classic rock genre .- Owen B

Purple Melon on The Hills, on MTV- Tuesday 9:30 pm ahh it's 10pm check your local listings.

Puplemelon Face Book:

Purple Melon: My Space

More about the band: read interview

be nice too add some Purple Melon snippets here- We want vids!

Stay tuned!


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