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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Paul McCartney Owes No one a damn Apology!

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Paul McCartney Owes No one a damn Apology!

Hey kids. I wasn't gonna do it; I wasn't going to say a thing; but this nitpicking and back lashing of Paul McCartney & President Barrack Obama is a bunch of non-sense crap.. splattered on Fox News, You tube, Macca's Official webby and lil pockets here and there..regarding his joke; when receiving his Gershwin prize..

Can anyone get a sense of freaking humor here in middle America? namely you conservative, hypocrites; who like to bash anyone with a sense of Justice, Intelligence, Wit and Democratic values of the people.. Who knows what John Lennon or George Harrison would think?-
I' believe they would say the same kinda thing- perhaps adding to Paul's snippet. God only knows, had Paul, said something controversial- What kind of blubbering out cry there would be~ and this was just a quaint lil joke - by a Beatle, a Legend, a Poet, Artist, Activist, Father - "Macca" Paul is no freakin slouch..

Put your big boy & girl pants on.. start with a daily mantra ..of?

"oh you're so shocked & offended" by Paul's innocent joke~
Go live in Siberia if you're so easily offended.. or communist China- or Korea. are you so thinned skinned? You give the decent conservatives a bad name.. How embarrassing- all the hate you are spewing- Get a clue , Get a grip & Get a life! I'm grateful I do not share in your narrow minded, elitist attitudes~

Live & Let Die Hollywood Bowl 2010
Go blow off some steam by doing some jumping jacks or something ha!

You want an Apology?
Too every pissed off Conservative...
Let's see.. perhaps Macca would consider an apology; when George W. Bush apologizes too The American people, and The World- for the War in Iraq- Lying, & more lying and deceiving - the people;.. leaving this country in shambles for our current President, Barrack Obama, to clean up the mess,... only than ..
maybe.. just maybe... Paul would.. apologize....nahh.. no way!

The innocence of a wee joke.. spurs out rage by the Right . amazing!!

Sorry, you didn't win The White House... that would be a winner, right? Sarah Palin and her pyscho-ness- yeah, just what America needs...

Would there be a difference If  'A Republican' were sitting in Office, and Paul had made the comment about a Democrat? hardly~ Your Mamma's should be ashamed of the fucked up off spring they raised, that's right. You're the ones with no manners or class. You preach hate & war; some of you claiming you're God fearing people- riggght..

Are there not more important issues to worry about in this world- than what Paul McCartney said about a former President? it was his night accepting his Gershwin award. Let him have his day- you attempt to ruin it with political rants and verbal lynchings..

I'm really put off by all the foul- salty posts; your inaccurate, poor news reporting, ie FOX news, you tube vid messages and any, other way, you can find- dissing- Paul McCartney & President Obama, Demanding apologies..

Paul McCartney doesn't owe you a damn thing!

Face book page: Paul doesn't owe anyone an Apology

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