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Monday, May 31, 2010

Paul McCartney to Rock the White House!


Paul McCartney to Rock the White House!

Our Macca to Rock the White House, this Wednesday June 2nd. Paul to receive The Gershwin prize for Popular Song from The Library of Congress.The Highest musical honor--wow!.

Paul is the 3rd recipient to receive such an esteemed honor. past honoree's, Paul Simon & Stevie Wonder. Paul recently announced on an online chat, he would be playing the White House..'You heard it here first' he said.-Miles of Smiles coming from Paul. Paul fans already knew Paul, would be playing for the President back in March we just didn't know when-ha! I bet the guys in the band are in awe..We're playing The what -?!!
foto credit Jose Solares
Query, what about the Set list?
I wonder what the set list will consist of? 'Sing The Changes' for sure 'Michelle'. ( Paul had commented in the past he wanted to sing 'Michelle', for -The First Lady ) Will the First lady blush. Will this be a subdued show or a rocker? ( I'm hoping for a Rawker! ) Some 'Helter Skelter', 'I've got a feeling', 'Paper Back Writer', '1985' perhaps? Oh Yeah!

Will President Obama Change his Tune to whom he prefers Beatle's or Stones? :)

I feel an SNL skit commin out of of this` lol

The concert will be broadcast on PBS stations nationwide on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at 8:00 PM EDT (check local listings) pencil your calenders! as “In Performance at the White House Celebrating the Music of Paul McCartney: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize.”

Hey Grammy's
Right On Paul! Your fans are so Happy for you! Take that- Grammy's, Macca's got you beat by President Obama, himself.. such an honor. You Go Macca Rock That White House wooohooo

'The prize commemorates George and Ira Gershwin, the legendary American songwriting team whose extensive manuscript collections reside in the Library of Congress. The prize is awarded to musicians whose lifetime contributions in the field of popular song exemplify the standard of excellence associated with the Gershwin's."

perhaps more later?

from Brian Ray- via his facebook
June 1st
Hello, my friends, Just a quick word before I head out to rehearse for a show at THE WHITE HOUSE {!!!} Ok, it’s not often you get to say that, right?...

I am so honored to have this opportunity to play with Paul for the President and
his wife, as well as most members of the US Senate. Paul is being honored and
awarded the Gershwin Award for songwriting. This isonly the third time in
history the award has been given and it is most deserved, isn’t it?
Right on Brian!!

June 2nd
Just watched Paul McCartney accept his award via The official White House feed.. Even tho the streaming was off, it was nice to see Macca receive his award, accepting his prestegeous prize !! You Go Macca!

We ask, Were you a bit misty Paul?! woohoooo Congrats!!

foto credit-Alex Brandon-AP


Paul accepting his award from President Obama~


side note:
Paul don't let a bunch of dimwits get you down for your lil joke at the White House-
obviously, they, have no sense of humor and totally outta touch; you know the ones ranting about your last 8 - :) comment. You have seemed to have gotten some people's knickers in a twist- you don't own anyone an apology- ha Paul!

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