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Friday, August 20, 2010

Paul McCartney in Toronto prt 1

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Paul McCartney in Toronto prt 1

Hey people how are you? I know I haven't started my Toronto postings of the gigs - for the fact, I wanted to have Jen's Macca experience up for awhile..

I have to say, this "Up & Coming Tour' has been one of Macca's best tours ever.. this post will soon come about so, please, stay tuned..
piccie above Air Canada Center Toronto
I still haven't gotten over Mull of Kintyre- Yet, Unbelievable!

blogs new addy

Crumb, I just regist
ered my blog with a domain name- my harleyblues2007 isn't working now; so I'm hoping I don't loose anyone in the transit!~ please stay tuned...

The title of this blog is: Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles guest band Purple Melon

people were confusing this blog, with my online name harleyblues < Okay? Ok, I know this is crazy, I had to switch back my blog to harleyblues2007 coz, you couldn't find my blog in Google search, until it's redirected to the new domain I won't be messing with it any longer .. I believe all is OK for now..

So what happened at Toronto?

Two posts below, I had mentioned I had been posting from the hotels media center, when I had arrived in Toronto.. ( Thank Goodness for that)

I mentioned, how, Snoop Dogg, was staying at the same hotel as I - this was at 3am in the morning.
I had flown in that same day. I needed a good night's sleep for the 12 hour travel time.. well that didn't happen so much, as I woke up at 8:30 am- shoot..

I decided on the breakfast ( not good) than for a lil nap before I had to get ready for the gig.. after numerous calls too Jen, we had finally made contact. ( she, had our tix)
We were to meet at The Loose Moose, a local favorite.. Me above: Air Canada Center 1st night

Sept 4th - it's been a rough week and a half- this post will be updated..this coming week...

At The Loose Moose I had met up with Jen & John.. who spoke about Macca gigs and drank pints, while I, made another sign ( quite horrible I might add ) for the fact, I was tired on adrenaline ( no drugs) and the black marker was crap.. It was the best I could do for the moment..We had met several people who came from, out of the country- mostly New York.
Finally, off to Air Canada Center.. there were tons of people waiting inline. It was hot. It was humid. We weren't going to wait in that line, a quarter mile long.. We went thru the venue entrance.. Security stopped us, and almost didn't permit us to bring in our signs..
F man!! " But we are in the front Jen & I chimed I" They guy finally agreed and let us in...

Hell yeah! 2nd row seats!

Took our seats in the 2nd row- dead Center of Paul McCartney.. Our tickets had read, we would have isle seats.. However, they blocked off the 1st 6-7 rows making it impossible for people to cut in.. Jen & I were excited as the show began.. The set list was the same as other gigs with a few minor changes.. Paul noticed Jen & I caring on like any huge Macca/Beatle fan would do, and smiled, laughed, giving us alot of attention... ( thanx Paul)I have to say this was one of my top McCartney gigs ever.. The first being, Liverpool in 2003..

Paul Flubs Up the lyrics

Mid way thru the gig, as Paul and the band were to begin " I got a Feeling" Paul happened to look in our direction, as I held up the mini version of my sign " I Love That Song" as he began the 1st verse, Paul, was reading it.. he flubbed up the words ..
Singing the first line "I got a feeling a feeling deep inside OH NO!" ha!! instead of " I got a Feeling a feeling deep inside OH YEAH" he gave me a devilish grin.. looked at Brian, Paul and Brian laugh- looked at us.. than walked towards Abe, most likely trying to regroup. This all went down in a matter of a few seconds.. Jen & I laughed so hard~ ahhhhh That was too funny I tell you...

Sign Sign Every where a sign

Thru the half way mark, I had asked Jen, when should hold up the sign I had made at the Loose Moose? She said 'hold it up now' it was after Yesterday, I believe? Paul saw me hold it up..

People were chanting, read it read it!!! He wouldn't read it!! He gave me the most dreadful look.. Ut-Oh.. I put the sign down.. I had that sinking feeling, that he might be pissed or annoyed, I wasn't sure.. I sure felt stupid at that exact moment.. oops~

after one more song which I cannot recall now.. He mentioned the signs how he didn't want to read them, but couldn't help it.. There were many signs in the crowd.. Paul looked around & read the various signs.. he read two a teenage girl held up..' Will you teach me Piano'-
'Can I have one of your Picks?' Danica's 'Sign Let it Be on my arm' Paul, by passed my, home made sign, once again..

more later
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