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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My friend Jen gets her arm signed by Paul McCartney!


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My friend Jen gets her arm signed by Paul McCartney!
note: waiting on piccie of the sign:

Well it looks like I got beat to it posting about Jen's encounter with Paul McCartney.. I have posts on Toronto, but wanted to post about Jen first...:) included is a video montage - of piccie's taken by Jen & than some from the
Up & Coming Tour- you got to see the video included- below!

Jen and I had planned on Toronto, but we needed
Tix for the 1st night. I mentioned to her why not try Ebay?..

so we rang each other from coast to coast- scanning Ebay, for tickets. They wanted outrageous prices- for Macca- so I found one seller who had great seats. I had Jen, doing the emailing to inquire; since she is so perfect, being an English teacher and all.
the tickets we wanted were sold to someone else last minute- the seller mentioned to Jen we might have some more tickets comming up
success! Yes Jen. let's do this~ and we bought our tickets for the first night, 2nd row!
Jne had bought the Sound check package- Still I needed to find one for the 2nd night foiund one on ticket master- whew good to go~
Toronto 2nd night

Well, let's back up to the second night of the gig in Toronto to the Air Canada Center...Jen had called me and woke me up from a Dead sleep lol she said she was really feeling meeting Paul at the sound check that day. It's a first time for the Sound Check package for Jen.
She was just so freaking excited..Both of us running on adrenaline..thought about senarios IF we had such an encounter with Paul that day..Jen made the trek to Toronto driving over 10 hours.. Jen got the idea of making a sign created by her High School students at the end of the school year- to sign her PETA shirt..

It sounded like a brilliant idea! Jen thought, if Paul called out to her at the sound check she'd have Paul sign the Vegetarian PETA shirt.. Well Jen was quite shocked when Paul McCartney had read the Peta sign and said that he would! wow! Paul gave her the option one or the other- lol :) from Jen's experience below:

I held the sign aloft in between the first three songs, and I saw Paul shade his eyes, look at me, and t
hen heard him say "Okay". I couldn't tell if it was wishful thinking on my part that he was talking to me, or to the sound guy Pab, so I held the sign aloft two songs later. Paul said, "Yes, I see your sign, we'll do that later. Save your arm strength." Laughing

For the next hour and a half I was a non-stop ball of energy, dancing with Shelley during "San Francisco Bay Blues", chattin
g to everyone around me, etc. Shelley actually came over and patted me on the back in a half hug when Paul said he would do it later. Funny thing is that because he didn't read the sign out loud, no one knew what I had asked for. Folks kept asking what song I asked for, and I had to calmly tell them I was going to meet my hero, my idol, the person I've been hoping to meet for all thirty-five of my years. Sigh.
I was leaping out of my skin at the end, worried Paul had forgotten me, so I held the sign aloft again and he nodded at me, but he had also made sure to get one of his people, a very nice woman whose name I forgot to ask, to escort me to Paul's Scottish security guard. I kept trying to walk past them because they were just standing in place, and I was worried about Paul leaving--she kept saying, "I know you're excited, but we have to wait for security." I made sure to apologize to her, then to the security guard, for being such a spaz. They both seemed used to it, though.

Here's the part you''ve all been waiting for: First, Paul's personal photographer took photos and promised to e-mail them to me. He'd better. Twisted Evil I was taken to the side of the stage and watched Wix and Brian walk backstage--if I wasn't swallowing my tongue at this point, I would have said hello, but they both looked in a rush, so I let them by. I was babbling to the woman who works for Paul who escorted me, telling her I taught high
school, and she told me that, given the fact I work with teenagers, I could pull off calm and encouraged me to be that. Apparently, Paul isn't a huge fan of people who gush and are jittery around him, although I'm not sure how folks wouldn't be those two things around him. She said, "It's better if you're calm," so I took a deep breath when he walked down the stairs toward me and tried really hard not to pee myself.

Jen Meets Paul McCartney!

He greeted me, then asked about signing my shirt. At this point, I told him I taught high school and had promised several students I would get a tattoo of his signature if I ever met him, but that I would prefer the shirt getting signed. Then I said, "I don't want to be greedy, so if you want to sign both, great, but one or the other w
ould be fine, too." He thought for a second, then said to pick one. I thought for a second, then said, "The kids come first, so the arm." Then I held out my left arm and jokingly turned my head to the side as if he were going to tattoo me himself. God, I'm such a dork. I forgot to mention that there were about five or six of Paul's people watching this whole scene, the folks who work with the VIP package participants, and a few laughed or drew a sharp breath when I told him to go with what the students wanted. I think one of them even said, "Whoa". Oh, and the video guy taped the whole thing, too.

Anyway, he started to go for my upper arm, but I said I was hoping he'd sign my inner lower arm, in the elbow to wrist area. He looked at it, looked at me, then said, "You want it there?" I replied, "Well, there, or the upper arm, actually, wherever you prefer." He looked at both areas then said, "Artistically, I'm feeling this area," and went at the upper arm. He really took his time and did a very nice signature, which I ap
preciated. Then he underlined it and I said my students would appreciate it. At that, he said, "Since it's for the kids..." Then he went about drawing a face with distorted eyes, a smile, curly hairs and ears that stick out below the signature. Very Happy

He then handed the marker back to me and told me to say hi to the kids for him. As he walked away, I think I told him I was looking forward to tonight's show. He nodded and went backstage. Oh, this was after I snuck in a hug, of course.

See the incredible video below for Jen~

Paul McCartney video Montage Up & Coming Tour

Fast forward, Wow! well, I entered The Air Canada Center.. Looking for Jen.. she almost walked past me in the 14th row and she shyly smiled than grinned pointing at her arm > Paul had signed her freakin arm!!!
I was shocked happy & a lil bit sad it wasn't me.. She got her arm signed before me heheheh.. Jen was on cloud nine and began to relive her experience with me... said Jen


Piccie credit above: Jen Dodge- Jen giving me the Awesome news- Paul McCartney signed her arm just hours ago!


I just would like to personally congratulate Jen, on being one lucky fan, who not only met
Paul McCartney, but had her arm signed by him- major hugs & Love to you Jen,, So happy this happened to a friend!!~ Love you... I'm glad we had this mini adventure together. Danica & I your buddie are truly happy fot you- cherish these moments forever~
By the way Jen got her tatoo- the very next day!~ :)

ps. don't go critiquing- my spelling & grammer OK?

Peace Love & Happiness

McCartney~ harleyblues

To be continued!!! hopefully, with more piccie's!!

Jen Dodge and her incredible Paul McCartney auto-graph- Air Canada Center August 9th 2010 Up & Coming Tour~

note: August 16th Coming up- Toronto prts 1 & 2!
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