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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Harley darling, what am I meant to write here?

Geoff Baker New Blog~

Thank you darling, what am I meant to do now? I got this invite to join your blog [very kindly] and I do click and now I'm sitting my English exam. I supposed to post a link?

I think it is Geoff Bakers Book Blog

Anyway, what a fucking laugh eh? After all this bloody bloody bloody long time, Rock Bott is coming. Tell me about it, I feel like I'm on acid. But honest to god, it will be available possibly within the fortnight. Btw, does anybody else read this?


hb: Well kids, Geoff Baker, has kindly accepted my offer to join in on the Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles Purplemelon blog~ Yes, that Geoff Baker. Former publicist for Paul McCartney- so from time to time you might find something. interesting, written by him
( hopefully) be on the look out for Geoff, here -wooohoo welcome Geoff ..

By the way you ARE such a brilliant fucking writer!!!~ Geoff, has just started a new blog called Geoff Bakers Book Blog- simple and too the point ~ Geoff, has 5 books in the works as of this posing; one being, Rock Bottom & Beatles Fanthology.. about Beatles fans for the fans~ too inquire about Rock Bottom or Beatles Fanthology - see links above.. Rock Bottom is NOT about Paul McCartney as some have suggested or speculated~..

Beatle fans, who would like to contribute to the Beatles Fathology book should email Geoff @

Ohh hot note now!:

Paul and the band in London

Brian Ray, just posted he and the band are in London, this very minute, rehearsing for their Up & Coming Tour to South America!~ damn how cool would that be, to actually be at those rehearsals? that would be something !.. One could only dream right- could you imagine being at such a rehearsal? I could imagine them all goofing off between songs- heheh I could! says Brian:

Greetings from London, it's freezing cold here but rehearsal was hot ~ forgive me for being cheezy... but this Paul guy is good. Very good.

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