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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


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what happened here? Hey people something is wrong with my blog design and went wacky in the middle of the night- I'm trying to fix it, not sure I can fix it.. sorry.. Ok I'm stuck, sigh~ this does suck someone's been trying to help fix my template at Blogger help- however, Blogger, needs to fix the template designer..

OK, we're getting somewhere blog is like it was except, for now the text is all squished together...

Oh man YoBoy helped me fix it, the text and the design back-thank you!!~ sheesh now for design editor......another huge thanx to DarkUFO  on help with design template..Meanwhile, if you use any other browser apart from Google Chrome there is a problem accessing the design template for bloger.. thanx to Blogger help for help on these two issues.. :) whew a mere 6 measley hours to fix.. back to your regular scheduled blogging :)
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