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Monday, November 29, 2010

Remembering George Harrison

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Remembering George Harrison

I remember that day when 'Dear George', passed away.. I knew he was ill and prayed like mad, ( OK like hell  )  he would make it through someway, somehow.. please God! I prayed.   I was lying in bed when I heard the news over the radio of his passing. I was deeply saddened.. I was angry. I was pissed. It's  been 9 years now. I remember like it was yesterday..whew.
Georges's memory will never, fade away. I did get a bit misty watching his vids on Youtubde. His music lives on forever.  What a beautiful soul.. Such a beautiful person who gave so much and taught us so much through his music. The message in there.. so prolific and funny...Love you George, you are missed deeply.. You'll always live in our hearts~ some vids below- please have a listen...OK, I've just busted out in tears!

Beware of Darkness

Concert for George While My Guitar gently Weeps- Amazing knocked it outta park performance
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