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Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's here it's Tonight Macca On SNL!

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It's Here, It's Tonight, Macca On SNL!

It's been awhile since Paul McCartney has appeared on SNL.. far too long in fact.  Would love if they made him a guest host..( please)  He certainly has had an exciting two weeks..Will he perform in any skits?  ( we hope) Perhaps, being on The Miley Cyrus show? That would be fab!! Macca's - Song choice? Please, Paul, surprise us!!!
 vid below, Paul McCartney & the guys rehearsals on the SNL set..More below
Hey Paul, Remember when you were in the Beatles?... Chris Farley

Paul McCartney & Paul Rudd tonight on SNL- NBC 11:30 pm

Yeah, Paul was in a skit. kinda silly, singing 'walking in slow motion' to the music of 'Take my breathe away' - than playin a mini mini mini harmonica` a bit bigger than a thimble; dressed like Mozart ( no wig). Is it just me, who didn't get that mini skit, or?~ ha!

First song~ JET

hahaha~ Paul was on Weekend Update w/ Seth Myers-doing a voice over for Camilla/ when she & Prince Charles were mobbed on their way to a London event this week- Good one Paul...very good.. You're a natural~haha miles of smiles~

Second song~ Band On The Run

Perfect vocals of Band on the Run.. So COOL, going to commercial, showing Beatles for Itunes..awwwe

SNL Blew It

C'mon SNL the skits are tired and boring this episode.. Geez, Paul McCartney's is musical guest. Why aren't the skits funny & hip. Like when Betty White was guest host? I won't say anymore but the show isn't that great tonight with the exception of Paul...You could have worked the skits around Macca..wasted opportunity....SAD!

Third song~ A Day In A Life/Give Peace a Chance

At the very end Get Back!!~ woohoo Paul!~ now, that is a surprise- while rolling the credits~ OH great they just fucking cut Paul off- to commercial, while Paul was singing! WTF?!?! Boo- SNL..
Macca fared better on Jimmy Fallon.. Not watching SNL - next week~

Bring Paul McCartney Back, for a do over~

Funny Paul bit, Weekend with Seth Myers lol note: if you cannot see this post n video below in it's entirety click here

Don't know how long the above vid will be up~

what did you think of the show? please add your comments!~

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