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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Macca honored with Kennedy Center honor- Grammy's, Sirius radio,SNL

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Macca honored with Kennedy Center honor- Grammy's, Sirius Radio ..SNL

It's a HUGE week for Paul McCartney, who was honored for a Kennedy Center Award, last night
in Washington DC.  A Grammy nomination for Helter Skelter at Citi Field- Best Solo Rock Performance. ( Yeah, I was there! ) As a musical guest to appear on SNL ( Saturday Night Live ) Dec 11th .
.Also, a first to play the Apollo Theater on Dec 13th to celebrate Sirius Radios 20 million subscribers..whew! how can one keep up?

Right on Paul! we are all so proud and will be watching and listening...

Pencil you calenders

Macca's SNL gig- musical guest: Dec 11th on NBC
Apollo Theater gig Dec 13th- listen live on Sirius Radio online
Kennedy Center Awards Dec 28th on CBS

none of these are to be missed..

 Are You Sirius Radio Geeez~

Wow, trying to win tix to see Macca at The Apollo was next to impossible. For 4 days I tried to score the elusive ticket; only to get a busy signal, most of the time. And when I did get through, the phone would ring and ring and the voice at the end would pick up and  say " We Got A Winner Try Again Tomorrow" Lucky for those of you subscribers who did win tix to the Apollo - Sirius event.. It should Rawk!~ It will Rawk! Paul McCartney's Band On The Run Radio is amazing. It runs for 1 month during the holidays. Rare tracks, mixes, mega mixes, The Fireman, Wings, Beatles, solo Macca-  some of the best tracks I have ever heard.. Paul McCartney is one amazing singer/song writer.. The very best of radio I have ever heard..

Macca to Rawk SNL

Paul, please, play something new- not your 'Ol Stand By's'. Pretty please? Like 'Paperback Writer'- that sounds ooh so yummy live and the guys really kill this one- with it's extended version, rawkin guitars and drums and vocals...just a thought..I can ask right? ha!

The Gramms

Hopefully you will not be snubbed-  Once again, Paul, for a Grammy this year.. 

more later

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