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Thursday, November 24, 2011

On The Run Tour - Europe!!

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On The Run Tour - Europe!!
( below Paul's New website details and link below - long post)

Who's going?~ who's excited?!!!!   Hey people it's November 24th- in the US they are celebrating Thanksgiving ..Other parts  of the world, who knows?  What I do know is, Paul McCartney is about to kick off the last part of 2011 in Europe.. with his 'On The Run Tour'.. He recently played Abu Dhabi. I for one have no idea where Abu Dhabi is? I'm sure it was great, as ALL Paul McCartney gigs are great and if you have a ticket your in for a treat!  
So me, me,.. Lil Ol self will be heading to Manchester on December 15th.. Not  ready for it yet; have to get psyched!  Life's been happening, distracting me from these up coming gigs and my blog.. For those that follow, please, keep following...sorry for the lag..

"With a Little Luck, God and Macca willing, maybe, I can meet him this time?!!  "

No, Say it isn't so?

Damn, it's so bittersweet as these will most likely be the last two gigs I see Macca in concert . I thought New York, this past summer was my last- however, I got creative and so I AM going- Yeah ME!!! After 40 plus McCartney concerts I am past tapped out.. car repairs mind you  freakin BMW's  hahahaha.. I was walking to work and on the bus the other day as my vehicle broke down for the 10th time saying: "Man, I've been half way around the world, seeing Paul McCartney all over the place and here, I have no money to fix; let alone buy a new car"..It was really something to think about as, I continued to walk.. In just a few short weeks I'll be flying to England,, and here I walk, no money in my pockets- an odd sobering fact,,,

I am so grateful of this day that I will be able to go to the UK too see Paul McCartney, especially in Liverpool.. I have not been to Liverpool since 2003 (One of my most favorite- memorial gigs to date ). Last, Macca was in Liverpool in summer and winter in recent years - I could not get a ticket! .This means so much; for a broke ass working girl like me.... so please, stay tuned.. and let's see what unfolds.. Paul McCartney is in Italy Rocking them Italians this week on November 27th.. I'm sure he will be greeted with a passionate crowd.. I must say, I dig the European gigs the best, just sayin :)

stay tuned!!!

will be adding to this post often

Macca In Bologna taking a ride
Paul's NEW Web site!

Here Macca and John Hammel, riding their bikes & seeing the sites; looks like a park in Bologna, Italy - Nice gams Paul. He~ :) Oh wow! I was just clicking on my link here to Paul's website It redirected me to the New webby.. You gotta see this people, fans can add their suggestions to improve his website- download music-  pics add their reviews.. t There is so much- see link here new Paul A must see to explore ... this is what us fans have waited for - for years.. Well done!!

Wow what a day yesterday! Paul McCartney played Bologna Italy- adding 3 New songs to his set list - Come and Get it- The Word- All You Need Is Love.. what myself and fans did on his website was to join the new webby.. It is amazing People.. I signed up for Premium status. A Pioneer.. not sure what exactly that entails but Premium membership gives yo access to Photo's - Blogging- a Juke Box spanning Macca's entire career.. a whole gang load of goodies that are not available for regular membership.. you can leave comments - on Tour blogs video's- pics add friends..etc the possibilities are endless.. It's difficult to navigate the site at first as they are working out all the bugs .. to join Paul McCartney- new website to become a fan or a premium status fan click the link below- you will not regret it!! Below a pic of the new website- property of MPL

Pic's above Property of MPL

More to come!!!

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