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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Win A Trip To See Paul McCartney Private Gig LA!!

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 Win A Trip To See Paul McCartney Private Gig LA!!

Geez I have been unable to post for an hour! I know, I need to finish up Manchester & Liverpool please bare with me..
Anyhow, here is your chance to see Paul McCartney at an exclusive private gig at Capitol Records in Los Angeles on Feburary 9th for 40 guests only! You & a friend have a  not only  one  chance to win, but  twice... One of the contests is for UK fans ..& The other for Canadian fans..Yep, sad, I know, for us in the US, since we have that impossible radio contest out of New York to be the " 20th nation wide caller"
yeah  OK!

one contest consists of buying/ pre-order Paul McCartney's new up coming album Kisses On The Bottom.. The other- a 100 word essay on what Paul McCartney means  to you! Seems so much easier than this call in radio contest that alot of us Paul fans have been dialing in for days...sniff

Ok, But what about those links?

oops! sorry, For your chance to win a rare private gig to see Paul McCartney in LA follow the links below:

An Evening With Paul McCartney Contest Canadian fans

The contest sponsors are Bell Media Inc. and Universal Music Canada Inc.

Like I said before, fans are a bit luckier than this current nation wide contest we have in the US virtually impossible!! Good Luck people.. I truly hope a real TRUE fan wins!!

perhaps more later if I find out anything else :)

ps there is a link in the black space  below' follow the links below' not posting proper for some reason..

did anyone reading this win tix?
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