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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paul McCartney in Manchester - Oh Yeah!

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Paul McCartney in Manchester - Oh Yeah!! 

After a long bout of being sick - now getting to my blog posts 

 Going back a few weeks to Dec 16th 
 I'm in Manchester and it's costing me 30p per min to type you here... OK so it's been an adventure already .. we fly in to Manchester and had to be diverted to Birmingham.. the flight was already a 1/2 late .. as we sat in the plane for a few hours.. mind you, we were in a very cramped aircraft !! everyone was upset of course it was snowing buckets at the airport also ice.. finally, at 11:30am we flew back to Manchester it was still snowing and tons of ice around.. I was up over 24 hours with no sleep ..

I was suppose to arrive at 7:30am but after customs and getting suitcase it was 1pm- sad.. cos I didn't know where to get the train the cab cost £25 wheww... there goes the walking money .. gotta get monies somehow .. I was walking forever, last night, trying to find a shopping center .. Whew thank God, I arrived a few days early .. thos will be my last post for a bit since I have no computer ..

Well what did you do?

 My 1st few days consisted of trying to find plug adapters  for appliances,  what a pain in the ass,, the hotel, finally provided me with a few..  it was interesting walking around the Manchester as I went to the right of the hotel and walked to a mall several blocks away .. people were very friendly and inviting and especially in awe that I had flown from the US to the UK to see Paul McCartney... :) people I spoke to wanted to know what the US was like.. I loved the friendliness of the people in Manchester.. I had told several people .. I was going to Liverpool.. to see Macca there also.. residents of Manchester claimed:

I LOVE LIVERPOOL! it made me think of the football rivalry ..ha! not one bad thing said against Liverpool from the people of Manchester..swear!
one thing to mention, the pizza isn't that great .. but when you add the garlic sauce it's more tasty..
is veggie piazza a veggie pizza? well... where's the veggies on the piazza? 

Gig Day in Manchester!!  Sound check- aaah WTF?!!

I was happy when gig day approached.. I had seen several people whom I hadn't seen in years..  alotta laugh & giggles.. however,...there was an air of superiority/ elitist attitudes. really? FUCK THAT!!! I thought it was my lack of sleep>-  Note to self... David Lynch charity gig....NO!  Check this,  nobody's a better fan than the next person whether you have met Paul McCartney, your self, been to two gigs or 100's ...attitudes really sucked. Embarrassing-   Why do people act like they are so much fucking better than the next fan?.. is it money? -
well lets fast forward to the Sound check it's self ...more of that later ...  after being searched by security - we really didn't have many problems gaining entrance..the reception it's self was set up beautifully.. hot drinks and pastries.. we hadn't been at the reception area no more than 5 minutes. When Tim from MPL, ( I believe his name was ) announced Paul had arrived early.. it was time to go to the sound check  it's self.. we scurried into what seemed like a small arena.. outcomes Paul, and he greets us all!! woohooo..
it's really something to attend those sound checks. each one different.. they were really jamming tightly today.. everyone dancing and having a great time - it didn't seem so cliquey at the sound check..:) Macca reads signs and of course I brought the BLUEBIRD sign . Paul read it I'm guessing as he broke into Bluebird  ..There was no dedication this time or change of lyrics like at Yankee's Stadium..this past summer..

I do appreciate Paul singing it... very much. There were two girls from Argentina, sisters  who had a banner  " Go PAUL  -LUV from Argentina"- Paul read it of course.. (I have a banner that large to hard to hold by myself )..than there was Phil with his Christmas hat ..too funny, some fans from Japan, the UK and of course the US ...and one lady who came from Korea..was she related to MJ Kim Paul's fotographer?  Paul called no one up on stage during Sound check.. and soon it was over off for a dinner.. I'm forgetting the Sound check set list at the moment...oops~

part two coming soon!

more later
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