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Monday, July 01, 2013

Paul McCartney's OUT THERE in Europe!

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Paul McCartney's OUT THERE in Europe!  

Hey people,.. just got back from Europe! With it's twists and turns- Highs & lows- Europe,.. turns out to be a mighty interesting adventure  "OUT THERE"... Beginning with,  Warsaw Poland, Verona Italy and ending in Vienna Austria- from airport jumping to running on 3-4 hours sleep..standing in the rain.. to missing Paul McCartney.. to running into the band and the crew at Verona airport   Some surprises during Paul McCartney's sound checks and the gigs.. I believe Paul himself and the band were surprised - Paul McCartney,  and his freaking awesome band  - Brian Ray, Abe Laboriel Jr, Paul 'WIX' Wickens & Rusty Anderson...give some phenomenal .. performances; on this European leg of his "Out There" tour --and the crowds loved it.. I LOVED IT..No one was left disappointed~ everyone felt the LOVE.....

Warsaw Poland....

I flew from San Jose, California, to LA tol Frankfurt- to Warsaw.. it took a full 24 to get there... man was I tired no sleep .. just our luck there was a crying baby the entire flight from LAX- Frankfurt  .. Damn! I met up with Carol & Maryanne at their hotel.. They wanted to go to OLD TOWN- whaaa? I haven't had any sleep.. Old Town was beautiful! very friendly people in Poland.. ( I forgot my camera at the hotel ) than we ate at a cafe-- the misquito's kept attacking us.. we got back to the hotel at 1am Crazy!

“The next day, we had decided to go National Stadium and see if we could run into Paul and hear the rehearsals. It was hot I arrived at 2:45 pm. I stood at the media gate. Later Carol and Maryanne had joined me. It began to rain, a downpour. I had a dress on. The productions manager gave me a plastic cover up and we just stood there telling McCartney stories.   
                                                                       near hotel city center Warsaw, Poland
Polish fan holding up signed Hofner as Carol Maryanne & I waited for Paul 8 hours in the rain 
“Around 9:25 p.m., four black Mercedes and a van drove into the stadium gates two gates down. We went over. We were gutted that we had missed Paul.
“Brian Riddle, one of Paul's security team came out. 'Hey girls!' 'We missed Paul,' we said? 'He's not here yet.' We began to smile again. Brian radioed, 'There were three fans waiting at the gate'. They (Paul and company) were enroute. So here comes Paul, more blacked out windows. We said 'Hi John' (Hammel ) and 'Hi Mark (Hamilton). But no Paul! No stop! They drove straight thru the gate at 9:40 p.m.
“We were so upset. Eight hours standing in the rain! After rehearsals, which ended at 11:42 p.m., Brian Riddle comes out again. We thought of going back to the hotel. I wanted to stay. We waited this long..
“So here comes Paul and all of them again. We stood three feet away from the gate this time, standing on the wrong side. Ohhh. Paul waved to us from the driver's side. We just saw him waving.


 Happy Birthday Sign- Sue made signed by all Sound Checkers seen here -right

Hi Paul! Please Sign the Bluebird On My Wrist OUT THERE AGAIN- XO ;):

Cool sign I designed for Paul & I lost it... weird?
'It was hard to hear Warsaw Sound check there was a lot of echo in that huge stadium"..

afterwards we were kicked out! security was mean very rude.. they made us walk half a mile around the stadium - security stopped us for a very long time.. becuz we had "Birthday" signs for Paul...Obviously, upset. we kept our cool security held us for over a half an hour.. we had one of the sound checkers translate for us - a Polish guy.. forgot his name..

 Finally they let us thru ... once inside.. we began to pass out the 600 plus BIRTHDAY signs out to the fans of various degree's 3 different sign types of BIRTHDAY were made, in the hopes when Paul and the band saw the signs they would break into BIRTHDAY- which they didn't sing hahaha.. 

We held up the BIRTHDAY   -

 during the opener-- when finished with "Eight Days A Week...The crowd began to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU- During HEY JUDE- Fans held up 'HEY PAUL' -

during the song, Macca/Paul,  seemed touched .. it all seems a blur that first night in Warsaw... next day it was off to Verona, Italy  I have no Warsaw pics because my camera died!

ONLY&! of two pics I got at Warsaw Sound Check....
Sorry- I don't have pics of this Warsaw gig :(--- but it was great! fans were great- Coming up Verona, Italy! Wow!!

Dig Paul's NIKE's BELOW!

McCartney - stay tuned!

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