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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hello Verona!- Paul McCartney is OUT THERE! part 1

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Hello Verona!- Paul McCartney is- OUT THERE! Part 1

note:huge blog post coming up

Next stop Verona,....Ciao Italia, Buongiorno,  didn't Paul McCartney ROCK?! Sì! ( I try ha! )

Verona City Center, Verona Italy
It was off for Verona Italy via Warsaw June 23rd - Bye Bye Poland.. you've been great... so we fly to Rome with a 3 plus hour layover. I couldn't take a nap to excited.. Thank God, I found a battery charger at the Rome airport for my camera ..landing in Verona, we headed to a flat in the city center of Verona.. Can you say beautiful? Wow!.. so old world the cobble stone streets.. should have taken pics of those.. is it me or were the house and apts.. 100 if not a 100o years old?.. the flat was quaint - but lacked proper accommodations..
Old Church in District of Verona

 Sue & I decided to take a walk into the city center & find somewhere to eat.. you can see the river running thru Verona.. We stopped at a game center hoping for internet .. I couldn't get a connection.. There we met the coolest local, Marco Fantin.. a tall, sweet, curly haired rocker.. Marco, was very accommodating...Marco informed us he was the President of the
Official Foo Fighters Fan Club of Italy..
Right on, Marco!..Marco,   escorted us to a place were you can by ciggs & a quaint little Mom & Pop restaurant.. I had a pasta I had never ate before..a pasta with Spinach, chili's anchovies & cheese- a local dish only of Verona--delicious!~ YUM!...

We said goodbye to Marco.. & would meet him the next day..Other accommodations were made for us to stay in a hotel because the flat was too hot & the shower didn't work properly.. It was funny, because .. we lugged our suitcases & bags down thru the city center not knowing where we would go.. we asked questions and got a bus- outside the city center .. I was worried we were too far!- hoping off the bus - was another quaint part of Verona  as seen in this church left- and from there, we took a taxi.. to a fabulous hotel equipped with a kitchenette lots of trees- a view of the river Verona & The Swiss Alps- 'Breath taking'

Marco Fantin's Ride- Foo Fighter Mobile
  The next day -June 24th Marco kindly came to pick us up so we could try and find a battery or charger for Sue's camera.. We saw many sites of Verona that day..absolutely beautiful-stunning.   When we arrived in the city center we took off on foot in the heart of the city .. Why I didn't get a pic of the Colosseum- I don't know? I was just in aye.. of this ancient City :)  Marco's official car- Foo Fighters Italian fan club..Right....
we walked thru town on this one street filled with shops and other little surprises :) as we walked along this only street leading to the nicest hotel in Verona  who do we run into Brian Ray- one of the members of Paul's band. We had hoped to run into Paul & the band, some how?.. wishful thinking on OUR parts.. But here's Brian  - Brian Ray--- Where is the media--- I see none...My mind was on The Converse store ( wished I had bought some kix ) there

Wait- you guys ran into the band?!

Sue says there's 'RUSTY!".. haha no Sue that's Brian.. Brian!!! Oh hey you guys" Hi Harley- Hi Brian, who was with a friend Mikayla..Brian was pretty accommodating.. talking with us.. Me, I was pretty chill.. as I was so tired running on 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night.. ( Oh fucking great! ) I look like crap why did we hafta run into Brian like this dammit?

Brian, suggested we take a few 'snaps'  Marco just looking on was pretty impressed!  We introduced Marco as "The FOO's Fan club President.. Brian shakes his hand.. so you know Dave than?  ( as in Dave Grohl ) haha..  tell him i said 'hello' next time you see going around- some fans stop Brian on the street and take his picture.. Brian seemed to relax by now.. cos there was no letting go as 100's of tourists - pics & questions were flying each .. way ..
Me & Brian Ray- Paul McCartney band mate

more talking- laffs  & we took 'rocker pics' Brian, takes my jacket & throws it off my shoulder  "harley get it together"  haha!
( hell, I couldn't strike a rocker pose at that point ) with the less than flattering WING's tee sleep- no make-up & hair hiding under a hat -- forget it..  I get a complex abut taking pics.. not my fav thing to do.. But.. this was Brian,.. so.. I agreed.. he doesn't know that.--  than Jimmy- one of the crew stops by.. hugging Brian
( Jimmy _) does the video screens etc.. cool job!   It was Jimmy's BIRTHDAY..:)

Marco Brian Sue- City center Verona

Cool pic of Brian Sue & Marco...Left... Brian talked with us for a few minutes more  than he was off to enjoy the city.. pretty cool to run into Brian.. we continued down the street .. Sue all psyched we ran into Brian Ray~  we continue walking and there goes Rusty Anderson, another band mate of Paul's .. I was hoping we would run into Abe! Never had met Abe before - but have met the other members years ago.. And Brian- is a friend-- no I don't go all crazy.. but was happy to see Brian...

Paul & Abe-- is who I wanted to meet next since I haven't met either .. Rusty,.. seemed to be in a hurry and agreed to a pic..  I kinda felt bad and really didn't want to bother him...Cool of him to strike a pose...

Me-Rusty -Sue -- minutes after running into Brian-in Verona
  with a quickness- Rusty was gone -- we continue on-to the hotel where Paul McCartney might have been staying.. and out from around the corner- here comes Pablo- Paul's sound engineer.. Pablo, is quit devilish.. we shared a small conversation about the Warsaw gig!!~ hehe Pablo.. funny & nice dude/guy/fellow....

Sue wanted a pic with Pablo... who didn't seem to pleased .. haha Pablo...We asked about Abe & Wix.. can't recall what was said.. Pablo was off in a flash!

( when I formally introduced myself to Pablo- he didn't believe my name ) surprised in fact-- but more about 'the name" in Vienna blog post...

We reached Paul's hotel he was nowhere to be found and we heard he was in Bologna or some where's visiting friends.. We talked to some fans from south America-- two whom I had met in Gijon Spain 2004-- small world.. they had been there for hours waiting on Paul.. they also left shortly after us

 we had to meet one of Marcos friends " Corina" an Italian artist & jewelry designer so we left the city center- A lovely day it was in Verona! a view from our walk below.......

Walking back to meet Corina City Cenetr Verona Italy!

Stay tuned for part 2 of Verona Italy-- Paul McCartney's OUT THERE -tour Part  2 now posted- hot HOME - button

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