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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Hello Verona!- Paul McCartney is- OUT THERE! part 2 - Sound Check

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Hello Verona!- Paul McCartney is- OUT THERE! part 2 Sound Check

note: long post
Italian Sign of The Out There Tour off the highway-Verona

Buongiorno, Italia! Gig day-    at the Coliseum...such a lovely & beautiful morning . Sky's clear no chance of it rained on us girls-- waiting for Paul in Warsaw.. NICE!  (  We don't want to ruin our hair ).. We were running late that day and almost missed the cab..

 We went to the VIP entrance-- at 3pm..Tim from Event Travel-- announced it would be another half hour...that half hour turned to another hour than a bit past  5 pm... waiting on the steps of the sun was blistering hot!  --

I decided to sit at the cafe across.. the plaza.. drink some coffee.. huge lines were already forming and wondered we were ever going to hear Sound-check? Apparently the rain stopped production of the stage being built ...I wondered if Paul McCartney was even in town yet?

I noticed the VIP line starting to move.. & rushed over ..It took forever to get into the venue.. there must have been 300 people standing inline getting their - Sound Check wrist bands-  gift bag- a nice bag- tee-shirt & tour program...

Me & sound checkers before the rain started Verona
we entered and it seemed as if we were in a cave... than were were let in.. we waited for Paul, Abe came out first.. the sky began to turn grey-- Tim was talking to all the Sound checkers
the sky became grey & cloudier ... It began to RAIN...

Tim ( Event Travel ) informed us if we wanted to go inside we could but we didn't want to loose our seats.. it rain & it rained some more a huge down pour! oh Hell NO! we all gather inside like squashed sardines- waiting for the rain to cease.. Would the sound Check go on as planned?..after 10-15 minutes.. the rain sub-sided to a drizzle.. We we back out.. a few minutes later out comes PAUL! YEAH!

Paul sound hello and spoke a bit of Italian... Midway thru Sound Check,  Paul, calls up some Italian fans on stage... Were they excited!! Paul liked their creative sign.... Us fans do all kinds of things to get his attention...and this sign was huge!! haha :)

Local Italian Fans up on stage w/ Paul McCartney during Sound Check - Take Off Your Shoes And Join US

So up they go! They go up Paul, asked them their names - one right after another and than says
 "I'm Paul from Liverpool" haha Paul took off his shoes.. It was a great site .. Paul gave them hugs and off they were...I screamed " What About us Girls?" Paul, said back.."Oh Baby Baby" OK, I was gutted..I hafta admit- never would Paul meet "MACCA" hat girl.... I did have the sign I made - most likely too difficult to read - It was raining again- not pouring - Paul, did a lot of rain songs at this sound check My Valentine & Penny lane were 2..

Macca & that colorful guitar Verona Sound Check

More at Verona Sound check... It was great fun we danced the whole time.. Well, some of us did.. we didn't care about the rain.. each Sound check is with it's own unique experience.. Happy to have went & happy to see the Itallian guys go up on stage

But What about us GIRLS? What about us girls!! was Paul tiring of seeing us that follow him all over---haha at US.. You never know with these Sound Checks - or Live gigs

Sometimes they are pressed for time.. sometimes no one is called up during - SC or Live gigs.. i suppose it all depends on Paul McCartney himself-- on a whim? I'm guessing that might be it.. I don't believe these things are planned...

Those who get called up on stage whether it be a first time or 100th time is truly lucky.. & should enjoy the moment.. We hafta thank MPL for that making it happen.... wished the UK media gave him just as much love

Tons of fans dream of meeting Paul-- IT"S A HUGE DEAL -FOR US!!!!!  

Paul is not only quit the musician, but charming & entertaining- his humor is great! I personally,.... Love that! - hugs Paul xx

Paul & Brian - giggin it- SC, Verona

So it was time to leave I didn;t want to freaking leave.. haha
we had to leave the venue and enter when it  was open to the public.. I found that odd - in Warsaw too.. We had to leave & "Hang Out" in the states-- we usually get drinks & some eats

So I left .. went across the street where I had my table reserved and who comes up to me?.. my friend from Switzerland - Yves Delasar- a huge musician from Switzerland .. Paul McCartney is a HUGE influence on his music.. He's also done some McCartney covers- which are excellent! 

Me & Yvez~ Cafe in Plaza of Verona

 I joined him & his wife Sarah.. Who is German and didn't speak a lick of  English.. It was a great time while waiting to get into the gig.. I had some excellent - pasta & claims and a not so excellent - pizza .. blah & boring ...

It was so great to meet Yves & Sarah after all these years ..
we laughed we drank & we spoke about who else?
PAUL MCCARTNEY!! his music & his life; and what Paul has done for this world.. God, it was so great sitting in the cafe in the plaza across the street from the oldest coliseum known to man...

Just knowing in a few wee hours we would be listening to Paul give a performance that would leave Italian fans speechless...

Next part 3 the gig!~ and lots of pics & surprise!! stay tuned

Mc :)
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