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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Paul McCatney - Out There Verona- The GIG! part 3

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Paul McCartney - Out There Verona- The GIG! part 3

note: - the gig- w/pics subject to updates

Verona Coliseum- Verona, Italy- foto credit- Gianna Fulla- Italy

fans camped outside- waiting to get in..

After dinner with Yves & Sarah.. we went into the venue .. I couldn't find the entrance .. when I entered into - what I call a cave...
There were no, stair rails,  so I had to be escorted downstairs to the floor.. way far down.. I have a ( bad knee ) climbing down is almost impossible...I than ran into Kimsey, from Hungry  & Dawn from the UK.. so lovely to see the girls! YEAH!

excited they would be sharing in this event- a first ever Paul McCartney in Verona seat was very close-- even better than Warsaw where I was 3rd row center.. in Verona I was 5th row Isle.. stage was closer- On Paul & Rusty's side! yeah!  I than met Gianna Fulla- from Italy - & a few other fans .. that I know. The venue was lovely

it was still day light the DJ & pre- show music began! Not long now!

As the screens rolled, and were coming to an end.. Paul McCartney would walk out with- Eight Day's a Week opener !

Pre-show music vids Verona

before the show- pic Right- as the anticipation builds...It was cool, being on the isle.. even the security at the venue was cool.. One of the best ever.. they weren't pushy or mean.. A huge sigh of relief...for fans that like to have fun!

Well the show begins and the front row security is telling people to sit down? WTF? This is a rock concert not an opera...Most of the fans sat.. that was the oddest thing ever!

People were coming up to me and telling me to sit down in Italian- UM, NO WAY!!!  One guy even came up and hit me really hard in the arm & shoulder.. I decided to let that one go.. and enjoy the show -- people were even sitting down for the rockers  even----huh?

A very weird experience and I wonder what Paul& The band,   was making out of all of this? I saw one of Paul's security telling- the Italian security--

 they/ fans  didn't have to  sit down...a definite trip during a live concert! I thought the Italians were a passionate people? "'Whatsa matter with You!'
Opener- Eight Days A Week- Verona Italy

Paul- was in fine,  rare form as the ultimate musical professional ... he told jokes in Italian... A bit later- Paul, took off his jacket and wanted to take it all in.. Italians, stood up with signs "Paul, You're Our Emperor" a pic of Paul, with a crown on his head in Roman clothing--- hahah

Paul was touched and joked.. "I guess that isn't a thumbs down for me than" I laughed so hard - ( as Paul Made the gesture of a thumbs up ) ..--- Good one Paul! You- so funny~

Below- some of the pics I took at the gig------

Band- long shot in Verona----

Paul McCartney & that legendary Hofner - Souful

it was difficult  at times to get pics - because of lighting -- posting some that turned-out somewhat OK

Paperback Writer- Verona

Foto Left:
 Paperback Writer --- and still- hardly, anyone was dancing---even when they played - Band on the Run... haha-

You know,
 I was! It must be the Italian way ~ :)

Close up of Brian Ray--- left...

Looking thru the pics light hit a lot of them- bummer..

more below---

See Paul's hand right- he was strumming---pretty quickly,    I might add--

At one point.. Paul tried to do an operatic song- but he said he didn't know any Italian songs!!

The Crowd broke into Volare
Swweet!!! & Paul pretty much dug-it-- as the fans  broke into a full verse- Nice!

Note will add more pics of Verona later.. I loved the gig with the exception... of a sedate- non dancing crowd..


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