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Sunday, July 14, 2013


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Paul McCartney & that Holfner-Vienna Austria

As I said in part 1after I met Paul than came Alexander- from Sweden sorry Alex thought you were from Russia )

Dancin Dancin Dancin!

Next - Paul said we all were his dancers- something to that affect; that we would be dancing on stage!
 OMG! WTF? HUH? YEAH!!! Paul & the band broke into It's So Easy to Fall in Love  - by Buddy Holly. Paul and the band began to play-- and us, on stage - started dancing.. Whaaa?  I couldn't believe it.. just let loose & danced my heart out... I cannot describe the full happiness & joy I was feeling .. I felt every happy feeling & emotion - one human could ever feel and it's really hard to describe....

foto credit Elsa B.. Texas--Me about to hug Paul the 'othe'r McCartney-

 I sit here 3 weeks later- in awe and say to myself.."did this really happen?" the coolest experience any McCartney or Beatles fan could ever  experience in  life time.. I felt like a lil kid on stage--- dancing & twirling around.. happy feet, Snoopy dance... I hope I didn't look like a dork? haha! 
 I didn't want this to end ,, and it felt like Paul was playing on  forever. and having a great time too-being on that stage, you felt like you were part of one BIG, huge happy family... ( not to sound corny) such a joy joy a joy joy! at one  point- I was pointing  with both hands to Paul, while dancing  and he pointed his guitar at me.. playing it pointing it up and down a small minuet guitar solo ..Nice one Paul.. thank you!..

During our dancing you could hear the sound checkers cheering & dancing along in front of the sound board..MJ took pics & Alex.. filmed the entire thing.  I wonder if Paul got a laugh after wards?  the small snippet I saw on Youtube I was like 'OMG' so much fun..Here's a snippet of us dancing with Paul & the band ---link below

Paul McCartney - It's So Easy To Fall In Love

( pic right taken by my fiend Jen Dodge at a recent gig- who happily hand her armed signed by Paul when we were in Toronto-- err xx )
Photo taken by Jen Dodge- Out There Tour

the song finally ended.. I turned to Abe'( Paul's drummer) Dude, did you see that?!!  that fucking rocked!- Abe throwing up his hands yeah yeah yeah- both of us at the same time.. than to Brian Rusty Wix... they all were having a great time...we were than scooted off stage-

 I said to Paul, "What about my tattoo!" OK a little later - he said.. UGH! as we left the stage they than broke out into BLUEBIRD man that was the best! we walked off.. I said to Pablo, Paul's sound engineer.. Pablo!!.. that rocked!.. Pablo had the hugest most sincere smile ever.. that was cool..

people were congratulating us.. than we hear Lady Madonna.. in just a few short minutes we would be heading into the gate to stand inline for the actual gig   security and Event Travel told us not to run.. Well people ran as I was in the front of the line I ended up between Rusty  ( Left ) which kinda sucked.. I wanted to be in the middle to get great pics...

MPL Video- Roll It

shortly after,  we were let in, a tap on my shoulder.. a guy from MPL - Alex, asked if he could talk with me a few minutes.. Ahhh sure?.. If I don't look like an idiot I told him.. He wanted to know how we got on stage , how long I have been a fan..about my name: "MCCARTNEY" and other lil tidbits.. I started rambling on about being a fan ever since I could remember.. My mom had called me one year while waiting at Dallas airport to see Paul one evening. My mother asked:

 " Why do you always follow Paul McCartney?" me: "Mom you don't get it- Paul The Beatles & God, have been the only constant in my entire life!"" "Yes I do get it" when you were a toddler and your father began learning guitar he began playing Beatles songs-- he started out with Hey Jude- he would play that damn song over & over & over until he got it --than moved on to the next song.. You, would rock on the floor- before you could even walk-- it's in your DNA- :Oh really?.. I thought.. the music makes me happy I wished I had been part of that Beatles family - because I never had one! it was kind of a painful conversation- to be honest.. She knew what I meant..
- needless to say she was pissed off and hung up on me.. I thought to myself?.. you know I'll follow Paul as much as I want and when I have the monies- Geez some people just don't get it...

i just gushed.. while talking with Alex .. on and on.. I than told him about the name "McCartney" some of my why's to the name- the name change  and that "I hoped, when Paul found out he wouldn't be mad" I kinda laughed.. I wonder what Paul thought of that lil snippet of video.. hope I came across well.. one could only dream of having that type pf conversation with Paul McCartney-- I was so excited & nervous.. I felt, I didn't get to tell in that vid.. all my true feelings. I wanted t express how much Paul meant to me. & the name is an honor I gave to myself honoring Paul

Whats wrong with that? gutsy-brave- no just me... and it wasn't something I did on a whim...When the interview finished I went back to my spot.. waiting for the show to begin -- the pre-show.. two of Paul's security team came up to talk with some of us asking if MJ took our pics? NO.. Michael asked if Paul had signed my tattoo? NO, ahh -who seemed surprised..I was just hoping Paul got busy - I didn't want to think they worst .. that he thought it was a bother.. or maybe he just forgot? 

more later
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