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Monday, July 08, 2013


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& Running into the Band!

CHECK THIS OUT! PS. Long post :)

SO, after the gig in Verona, at the Coliseum.. I was kinda stranded.. I had a tiny piece of paper with the hotels name barely legible.. I sat there ( outside) reflecting on the nights gig... & how brilliant it was.. Fuck!  I was all alone in Italy- funny & ironic at the same time.. I could see .. Paul & the band-- laughing in my mind to another huge success- that rocked people's socks off!.  Another gig-- that just went down.  I  had to figure away to get back to the hotel, with no key card, I began to walk towards the direction of the hotel..  The night air was fresh--- the sky clear at least I didn't have to worry about it raining...

Abe Me Brian Rusty- Verona Airport
I finally was able to flag down a taxi.. The driver spoke no English only in Italian.. I gave him the first name of the hotel & he nodded.. I got back to the hotel & tried logging on to Facebook..It was 2:30am in Italy>  Still working on 3-5 hrs  of sleep a night.. I thought about my flight to Vienna the next 12:30pm.. ugh, thank God I made it to the hotel.. i rolled into bed at 4am.. suddenly, it was daylight- I got ready quick style to go to the airport- Man, was I feeling rough..

June 26th Whaaa You Ran In to the Band?

At the Airport,.. I had time to kill. Walking around, who do I see coming into the airport? Abe! drummer for Paul's band - than Brian Ray- guitarist ,, Rusty. Anderson- guitarist- WIX.- fearless .. organist & percussion extraordinaire...the MPL crew..

. I went up to Abe. OMG! Abe, after all these years I finally get to meet you .. Brian Ray, there's Harley!   ( my nick name )  - I had met the other band members years ago).... I laughed with the guys.. took pics with the band.. MJ took a pic of himself with my camera.,, than, took a pic of me & Wix..Would have been nice to get a pic- with the entire ban.

  more- below----

WIX- & Me-
  Brian: "Harley, did you win the lottery or something?- your following us everywhere!"  ha ha!
We all ended up in the same security line...for a very long time.. I wanted to chat with them,  ( the band ) in that security -line but didn't want to bother them..

 I thanked Wix for taking care of Paul.. "Paul is a big boy he can take care of himself'" said Wix.. Me:  "Yeah, well, your're the back bone Wix, you're the one who holds it all together"
I told Brian,  I loved them..  ...Security,  jacked up Abe for his lap -top.. Abe, huge smile with airport security...

MJ Kin- Photographer for Paul McCartney

As they went into the bus.. Brian said "See you in Vienna"~ I love that dang band- lovely bunch..

As they went to get on their plane .. I had to wait another hour for Cologne, Germany,- than Vienna... Geez so many Airports I did frequent on this trip- many.. It was very difficult waiting on those planes. The Flight was delayed from Cologne to Vienna... Finally, landing in Vienna...Me & another fan took the train into the City Center of Vienna.. It was late 11:15 pm when I arrived at my hotel..12am when I got to sleep... wheew a huge day was coming up..

Sound-Check!! WHAT!

I was hurting for sleep when I woke-in the early am..I wasn't sure Id make the gig?! I thought about skipping the Sound Check, cos, I was dead tired..I figured, once I got ready.. Adrenaline would kick in and somehow I would be fine..I got to Ernst- Happel Stadium- huge! I had no info for Sound- check and walked half way around the Stadium... I see a familiar figure- Brian R- ( one of Paul security team ) he joked- ' What are you doing here?" i found the VIP line.. it wasn't as big as Warsaw & certainly smaller than Verona.. We went thru the line pretty quickly! damn we were even closer! ...

No Rain in site! Dynamite! haha here comes Paul & the band! My recall is usually excellent- but I got it a bit incorrect from what I told Beatles Examiner & The Macca report... I danced the entire Sound check

 Sound check setlist:
Paul McCartney & Abe Sound Check- Vienna!

First song:                                                                                                        

Yakety Yak...
Honey Don't---
 Paul to the crowd? how many people from Vienna? how many from Austria? how many from other countries?... we all cheer!-  ( the ones from other countries )... next a huge instrumental with a reggae/Latin beat.. never heard it before 
someone yells Monk-berry Moon Delight 
Flaming Pie---
Penny Lane --   Someone screams I Love You Paul 
Celebration! -------a fave
 Paul: that quieted you down now didn't? l ( Hilarious ) 

 Whole Lotta shaken going on~

in the back ground- on mic- you hear 'meeeowwww',, who did that? 

Paul: this is for Shelly Lazar- just because
San Francisco Bay Blues~
Sun is Shinning---
Ram On----
Midnight Special--- if you ever come to Vienna- sings Paul.. lalala

 This Can't be happening! WHAT! WE'RE MEETING PAUL MCCARTNEY?!

Next -Paul is calling up two girls.. AHH Hell NO!!! 
 I'm never going to meet Paul! I thought! I saw security talking to Paul on stage.. here comes Brian Riddle again, he tells one girl Olga, you're  going you're up..
 Brian than comes up to me..- You're going up on stage!! Me. WTF?!!! No way!     jumping up and down!!! in shock - We made it to the stage.....OMG OMG!!!  I couldn't run because I have a bad knee.. I thought I was the last person on stage.. to speak to Paul but, It was a guy from Sweden---
 here's what went down! Paul: what's your name Bettina- from Germany-- more talk..whats your name Chelsea, where ya from? Perth --more talk ...what's your name Olga-- from? - ( sorry Olga I couldn't hear..) what's your name Sue - my names Sue how do you do?...where you from California.. Sue, shows Paul her Beatles finger nails...

Oh God-- I'm Next! 

 I walked up to Paul, as I walked up he said  I see a top hat- "Macca" I was wearing my 'Macca' hat.
 I said: "Your freaking Paul McCartney!"--- Paul smiled...'Hi Paul' I said...
Paul: SO WHAT'S-  your name?
Me: McCartney! - -- ( cheers )
Paul  McCartney! yeah?  Not it's Not?! --- Paul seemed amused,-grinning- surprised?
Me: Yes it is! .McCartney Giannoni

Paul: McCartney Giannoni--- did you change it?
Me: YES!
Paul: - in a voice --
I did Paul- just like Elton!..... Excellent!
Me:  thinking-----yeah?..  Paul smiling ...
Paul: Where you from 
Me: California
Paul California!
Me: Can you sign my tattoo? Paul looks at tattoo
Paul: I can sign it... a bit  later....   ( OMG! I thought )

I didn't get the " Just Like Elton" part at first duh!~ hahaha I was is shock, surprise, elation!  but trying to maintain my composure am I really talking to Paul McCartney- on stage, with the band, in Vienna,  Austria?!! Wow! just wow  I felt every happy emotion you can think of

We are dancing on stage are you kidding me? haha!!!!

next a guy comes up-. Paul what's your name Alexander Paul Alexander the Great? where you from Sweden
Paul: Swedenn!!  Paul than says we were all going to Dance to Buddy Holly's It's So Easy- Paul and the band began to play - this ROCKS! MORE LATER :)

A picture I took of Paul McCartney I took while dancing on stage- Sound Check- Vienna Austria

Now BLUEBIRD!!!! Razz
Lady Madonna

stay tuned- more to come!!!! haha!!!!!!
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