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Sunday, July 28, 2013

OMG! I Met Freaking Paul McCartney part 3

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 OMG! I Met Freaking Paul McCartney part 3

Paul McCartney & Uke- Vienna
As mentioned in part 2 of meeting Paul.. We were than let in directly after the Sound check which was standing room only.. security had come to ask if MJ, ( MJ Kim )  Paul's tour photographer had taken our pics -- we said -NO... Michael, one of Paul's security had asked if Paul had signed my tattoo? NO... I'm just thinking that Paul had forgotten or had gotten busy ...that's got to be it :

The best day of my life! 

It was such an exciting day that June 27th.. a lovely day not a cloud in the sky... I was trying to process.. meeting Paul and to be in the moment.. This day would end in just a few short hours & I would be off to the states- the next day.. A surreal experience that I just didn't want to end.. What was it like to meet Paul McCartney?  It's hard to put into words..Paul McCartney, touches the heart & spirits of people..Are you kidding me? It Freaking Rocked meeting Paul!

 he is so prolific--  not gushing- I'm being honest here.."It was the best day of my life!" I had every happy emotion one human can ever feel all at one time. Something inside me felt a huge release,.. all that bad just melted away.  I had wished I could have spoken to Paul just a few minutes more.. not being selfish.. but- when does one get a chance to meet the most prolific musician of our time; Someone you dreamed of meeting all your life? Whoa!  I think it would be  much easier to win the lottery than to meet Paul.haha-- real talk..a childhood dream came true... how often does that happen? I wonder what my mom would think now, me meeting Paul?  I really thank God for this-  hugs..People have asked what does Paul smell like? How tall is he? did you hug him tight? did he sign your tattoo?

I didn't smell Paul's neck-- he would have slapped me.. taller than me I'm about 5'6 No- didn't hug him tight his guitar was in the way - tho would have given a proper hug without guitar-- Paul is charming & very funny-- a mischievous humor.. I believe.. No sadley Paul did not sign it-- said he would...
When you were young & your heart's  was an open book

Paul McCartney Vienna, Austria "Out There"
I had a vision when I was 15 years old.... standing on a stage.. a sea of people as far as the eye could see.. people were cheering -- clapping.. I thought I would be a singer, when i grew up..true.I believed this vision of me singing on this stage..  life happened and this never happened..I'm wondering if a teenage vision that I had thru -out my life- was this me meeting Paul McCartney?

 but there wasn't a sea of people on this special day... a handful of sound checkers  standing in front of a soundboard  in Vienna Austria-- with
empty space on the floor- no one out there.. just the crew.. the band- Paul McCartney and us on stage trying to keep it cool.. us talking with Paul, than dancing on stage.. sigh..

It's getting Better All The Time- The Show--is Paul changin?

After the pre-show  the gig started and this was a gig to remember.. Paul & The band played and impromptu- RAM ON- by request by a sign in the audience. Macca, had said,  they usually don't take requests..but they played it..every song so beautifully executed  as if hearing the set  for the first time.. Paul, seemed so relaxed-- really happy to be in Vienna- each and every song was perfect..Day Tripper - was brilliant- hell, all the songs performed that night were perfect. even "Let Me Roll It"  not a personal fav but I'm enjoying it. Your Mother Should Know-- made me cry my ass off in Warsaw, a definite fav - laughing at myself.. Paul, surprised the fans with " Saw Her Standing There" on the encore- the best version I ever heard ..

Vienna- Paul McCartney -Something
   It was many first this:
 "Out There" tour..
I feel- something inside Paul, saying - fuck it- lets do this- lets go for it- go for broke!- a mental shift/change in Paul McCartney- he's really rocking out these songs this tour- so differently than past tours. The rockers a little more heavier. & longer - a new set - impromptu's, surprises each gig-- a real rock concert, how a gig should..Lets just say 'Paul McCartney, is kicking ASS this tour'. even media reports are blown away- haha! like they've just discovered the greatest new band on earth-- kid you not - Paul McCartney's really flowin..-- the bands flowin. I'm digging the fresh new Paul. he's just getting started--We're all amazed!- as I smile...

Paul & Band Rusty Anderson -Brian Ray- Out There

And in the End, The Love You Take-Thank you Paul :)

 A huge Thank you to Paul McCartney- for making a childhood dream come true.yeah!  ( but what about my tattoo? - smiles- : ) a Yeah to MPL!- the fabulous Crew- for cheering me on! blushing-  Oh Phil- piano guy--Paul's security team ( great guys ) Mr. Mark Hamilton, Michael, Brian R..Sound engineer Pablo, with great humor- MJ Kim photographer- hope I get a piccie soon..Alex- on video you're cool dude..Jimmy- video screens- another cool dude- :) Event Travel- Tim, is so sweet to the fans..Paul's band- Brian, Abe, Wix, Rusty-and anyone else i have met threw the years.. you all rock! a huge sincere thank you from my heart.. I'm honored and humbled..It feels like one huge family following you all these years...YEAH!

pssst Hey Paul, I know you can pull off Uncle Albert-- on pins & needles waiting for this one. :)

Paul and his rocking band- Vienna Austria- finally got a pic of them in the end! Yeah!

This entire tour experience has been great-- the travel, people, different countries- gigs next- Outside Lands in San Francisco- which I will be late too.. damn.. I hope I don't miss Paul's set..cos I can't leave until after work..

 Note: parts 1 & 2 below might add more later in case I forgot something.. ha!

 I Met Paul McCartney part 1

I met Paul McCartney part 2

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