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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Fireman Finds His Voice With Brand New Album!

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The Fireman Finds His Voice With Brand New Album!
from Paul
The Fireman Finds His Voice With Brand New Album Electric Arguments
Album Release Date:
17th November 2008 Amazon has Nov 18th

The Fireman has officially spoken! woohoooo!

The Fireman are back after a ten-year break and this time they have something to sing about. For the first time ever the The Fireman have found their voice, Electric Arguments is their first release to feature vocals. Electric Arguments is their third and brand new studio album and it’s not the album people might expect from the mysterious duo…hb woohooo too include vocals!

Earlier this year The Fireman donated a new track, Lifelong Passion, from Electric Arguments, to the charity Adopt-A-Minefield. This new track marked a directional change for The Fireman.

Lifelong Passion showcased a new more traditional song based sound with vocals, going against the sound of the first two albums. And so the speculation began. A ‘studio source’ was quoted in The Times as describing their new sound ‘like? ' Arcade Fire meets Led Zeppelin’. So what had The Fireman been up to and what does the album sound like?

Run don't walk, find out more at Paul lol or just click on em buttons on your computer! hehehe more later.

Track listing:
The Fireman - Electric Arguments
1. Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight
2. Two Magpies
3. Sing The Changes
4. Travelling Light
5. Highway
6. Light From Your Lighthouse
7. Sun Is Shining
8. Dance ‘Til We’re High
9. Lifelong Passion-posted here in video
10., Is This Love?
11. Lovers In A Dream
12. Universal Here, Everlasting Now
13. Don’t Stop Running

Produced By Paul McCartney & Youth
All tracks written by Paul McCartney

Electric Arguments is released on One Little Indian
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