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Saturday, September 27, 2008

What will Paul do now another gig, new album or tour?plus updates

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What will Paul do now another gig, new album, or tour?
Just wondering what Macca will be up to now, since the Israel gig is over? He scared the mess out of alotta people by going to Israel and playing there. Please don't let us worry our little heads again Paul., Will he be brushing up in the studio finishing his new album? I believe it will be another fireman album-see post below. "New album about to drop the fireman Rushes in".

The Fireman new album Electric Arguments

Well I just knew it a new album by the Fireman

Pauls new album to drop Nov 18th Electric Arguments you can pre-order here at Amazon
I'm so excited woohooo Snoopy feet, happy dance! ah upon close inspection of the albums art reveals,. Arguments is spelled -Arguments without an E we shall soon find out if this was Paul's intention or a misprint., hum well it appears that I am the only one in the known universe who spells arguement with an E, I swear if you could only see my red face.lmao!

A sample of the Fireman Rushes-Paul McCartney
This was part of the pre-show music of McCartney's tour 04, Please correct me if I'm wrong I've been known to be wrong on occasion,.ha!

Is Paul planing another obsolete gig, road trip, private intimate gigs? that would be very nice for intimate gigs especially for his hardcore fan followers, like me, & you!
or will Paul, be planing his next tour? Dang the economy is extremely bad in the states,. I'd be lucky enough to attend one concert I'd opt for more intimate settings and many venues, but than agian Paul McCartney is not Superman, so I suppose we can't be too demanding of his time.,

Still waiting on MPL to release a vid of the Israel gig, Ive been looking,.

Unreleased McCartney Life long passion

psst below is Paul McCartney's unreleased Life Long Passion done by Maccaspan

The Fireman

I got the heat from The Internet sheriff months ago reguarding leaks or posting links., well I'm posting this now,. enjoy the videos. Love the Rushes vid. Thoughts? post a comment.,

The Fireman with Youth
well I just HAD to post another vid The Fireman & Youth a rather strange video dark & crawling with bugs rather creepy!

Of course the Music is brillant,. for those of you who might not have heard this before,. or any of the vids posted above.Like the vids and or the music, all comments welcome! Sheesh I wish Paul would drop his new album on my birthday Oct 7th I can't wait any longer, I can wish right?
well it won't be on my birthday that's for sure- hehehehe stay tuned!
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