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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Long time ago when we was fab Macca in Israel

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Long time ago when we was Fab Macca in Israel

One week until Paul & the band play Israel.,.and I still have concerns, I worry for Paul..
Who would have thought even 15-20 years ago, that a musician would be threatened with his own life for wanting to play in a foreign land? Now the mop-top Beatle of 1964 is threatened with his life in 2008, how freakin sad!

This shows you how dangerous this world has become. Ever since 9-11 this world has become crazier,. you'd never expect such craziness where it has become common place where terrorism is acceptable,. meaning US, in the free world have to deal with this crap on a daily basis. The war in Iraq, the war on terror.

No news orgs., have spoken about this on television, what:

"ahh no big deal just Paul McCartney being threatned with his life by some Wacko's in the Middle East,. it isn't news worthy,.Bullchips!"
Feel me now?

Do westerners even have right to step onto foreign ground forcing democracy onto a people and nations that do not believe in Freedom or Peace or even God?

Sheeesh, and here we have a group of people threatening the life of Paul McCartney who isn't a political figure or have an agenda, only there in Tele-Aviv to play music and have a good time. A musician who has as always spoke of spreading Peace & Love thru music...Just like the Beatles have all those years ago..

I'd say leave those nations alone that do not adopt the beliefs of the west., Music is a universal language that bring people together however, in this case extremist's do not understand it's meaning or symbolism now,. nor will they ever nuff said....

need a lil music? see George Harrison below

YouTube Music Videos 80s 90s - George Harrison - When We Was Fab via

When we was fab-George Harrison
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