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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Veggie Paul McCartney is pissed off with McDonalds

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Veggie Paul McCartney is pissed off with McDonalds
11:40am Oct 8th

Well according to Geoff Baker this is false, the Spokeman part. Geoff Baker is not Paul's spokesperson,. it's news to him? read his short statement here via Geoff's blog I'm liken the comment myself posted in the Sun..We miss you Geoff!

8:pm Oct 7th

OK, so I never got that phone call today from Paul or Ringo on my birthday, see post below. I thought of Paul, Ringo and Geoff Baker, I haven't heard from Geoff in ages! it was nice to watch the vid of Geoff & Paul hugging in the beginning of "Long and Winding Road" vid not until 10 mins. ago when I read this from the Sun.

VEGGIE campaigner Sir Paul McCartney has blasted McDonald’s after accusing them of using his picture to flog HAMBURGERS.

Macca, a vegetarian for 30 years, hit the roof after hearing staff at the fast food chain had put up pictures of the Beatles to attract customers.
His portrait appears alongside band mate John Lennon and fellow veggies Ringo Starr and the late George Harrison at a Liverpool branch.

Sir Paul’s spokesman Geoff Baker fumed: “What sort of morons do McDonald’s think Beatles fans are?
“It’s ridiculous and insulting to use images to peddle hamburgers. Fans should boycott McDonald’s — and not just in Liverpool
read more here

I had lunch at McDonalds today

What is so ironic after I went to the pharmacy to get my prescription today and almost had my car wiped out by a RV while driving. I went to McDonalds since they have that new Monopoly game out, you cannot win if you donot play right? Anyhow, I was going thru the drive thru where a man asked me if I could spare any change?

"Dude, your asking me for money on my birthday?" the man was surprised, he began to tell me of his plight, he was homeless and jobless. I have been there before, I told the man. I know what it's like not to have money and being homeless several times in my life. it sucks.

I reached in my wallet and gave the man a $1 than made it $2 I was almost in tears., I blessed the man. I went thru the drive-thru and told them at the window., "Please buy the man standing outside asking for money, some lunch, I'll pay." So I bought him what I bought myself. parked the car and walked around the side of the building and gave the man his lunch. He was so grateful he wished me Happy Birthday and gave me a hug. smiles.

It just seems so strange talking about Paul & Geoff and thinking of them after the video. hum? I also think it's quite strange, if not weird, that Mikey D's would post piccies of the Beatles inside a Liverpool McDonald's, don't you?

If it had been a world wide veggie restaurant that everyone on the known universe knew about regardless of what language you speak, now that would be something else.
So perhaps I will heed Geoff's Boycott request. I'm already boycotting them liars called Starbucks and their burnt, over priced coffee. equally coincidental I happened ro go to McDonald's today. Boycott McDonalds ha maybe?

Geoff, if you happen to read this, can you please, tell Macca I missed his birthday call... to me.. just in case he wasn't aware of it? lmao! I had a crappy birthday. The silver lining tho -was buying the man outta work lunch from McDonald's ha! Nice to read you in the news Geoff, hugs.

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