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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Fireman Rushes in the Fireman is out Electric Arguments!

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The Fireman Rushes in the Fireman is out Electric Arguments!

Wooohoo the album is finally out! from Paul McCartney and Youth. I have been bloggin about this for weeks, alright months. Have you bought the album yet? OHHH I can't wait.

The Fireman have a way cool package deal going on- thru the Fireman webby
Electric Arguments in packaged box sets. You know, which one I'm gonna get?
The Full package deal. Digital + Deluxe Limited Edition. Not too bad on the price $79.99 for what your getting, so why not, spoil yourself with some music? I never buy anything just music and attend Macca concerts, I swear bye it.

Digital + Deluxe Limited Edition
Tin box containing:

  • Full Vinyl package (as above) a vinyl record..wayy cool!
  • 13 track CD album ...
  • 7 track CD containing bonus mixes and alternate versions ( Im LOVIN this already I'd love to hear em mix it up.A few of these cuts needed to be longer on the album I;m vary excited about this.)
  • DVD containing hi-definition audio recordings 24bit 96Khz
  • DVD containing multi-track session files for a selection of the album tracks allowing you to remix
  • Exclusive Art Print ..(yeah, mine better not be folded, ha!)
  • Extensive Booklet
  • Immediate download of files
A cracking little record"

Available for immediate purchase and to order on the store is the new release by
THE FIREMAN "Electric Arguments"
  • Digital Album Only
  • CD + Digital Album
  • Vinyl (with CD) + Digital Album
  • Deluxe Edition (CD, Vinyl and bonus materials) + Digital
Instant gratification (immediate download) even when physical goods are purchased
The best audio formats available: 320kbps MP3, FLAC, and Apple Lossless
The Deluxe Edition: the ultimate package containing the cd, vinyl, bonus cd and dvd and other exclusive items

Ok Paul. what in the world is this, what are these DVD recordings about?
and the immediate download of files?...wondering Fireman, please tell US. I swear. I think i might wear out this new album. hey, they have various package sets for fans-(varying on your budget) something for all on the Fireman webby so check it out!! This album rawks!! check out the:
Fireman webby click the link. tell me what you think of the album.

I'm not totally lame-troubles downloading-haha!

I had troubles downloading the album, finally, it happened it wouldn't let me play automatically...
on my computer.
it didn't land on my desktop as a zip file as stated in purchase..

I have to play the album via media palyer-iTunes etc (sounds a bit rough via windows media player-not crisp sounding but it could be my player or my volume? lmao!)

I didn't receive the digital art work, I did see the piccies when first purchasing, via the Fireman webby but they're coming ...

I bought the DELUXE version ( but of course!)
I'm hoping the remixed versions include some of my favs... PLEASE!
Universal Here Everlasting Now-Lovers in a Dream-Dance till were High-Don't stop Running

A few of these tracks are just a bit short for me, meaning, I didn't want them to end!
my thoughts? See the changes in the music-See the changes in the album. I cannot wait for another McCartney/Youth collaboration. Shout it out!
"The Album is Superb! Right on, Paul & Youth!! I love the freakin album Paul, woohooooo!!!"
The critics can "Kick rocks" if they don't dig this album, muhahahahaha
more later!
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