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Sunday, November 23, 2008

iTunes advert from Google on Electric Arguments plus "Notes in News"

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iTunes advert from Google on Electric Arguments plus "Notes in News"

Well, I just happend to log onto my blog and what do I notice when I land here? A Google advert for Paul McCartney and Youth, Fireman, Electric Arguments album, show below.
( The advertising is the first thing you see right under the colorful banner on my blog, oh yeah and the translator tabs too.
I'm not sure, once you land here, that this specific advert will be here, So I wanted to show you what is looked like in case it's gone.. I am pretty impressed very cool lookin huh? I didn't know Google and or iTunes had McCartney advertising? I'm also not sure where this advert link might take you, perhaps iTunes? Bloggers are not allowed to click on there own advertising on their blogs, an AdSense rule.
Geoff Baker Keith Richards article the Mail
I know Geoff admires Keith Richards-smile
In other news I happened to come upon a great lil article written by Geoff Baker and friend
(I don't know the other guy) from the about Keith Richards, who is about to...GET THIS- release an OL classic easy listening....album? huh...Say what?!
a snippet here from Geoff's article:
the man who famously declared ‘rehab is for quitters’ –(lmao) looks set to do the one thing no one ever expected: release an easy-listening album.

Remarkably, it could include a polished jazz version of the Judy Garland classic Somewhere Over The Rainbow from The Wizard Of Oz and a tear-jerking homage to country star Tammy Wynette in the song Apartment No 9.
More than 20 never-released covers by the Rolling Stones guitarist have been leaked on the Internet and are proving a huge hit with the few fans in the know.

( where is that link Geoff? I'd love to hear a snippet) I left a comment but of course the 'Mail" didn't post it, sheeesh. Wanna read more about K. Richards Geoff's article? see here

Beatles Ukulele Gig

Lastly before I even logged onto my blog I read the oldest thing-well not that odd via AM/ Some type of gig is happening Beatles tunes all day into the late evening. Yes that's right, check this.

189 Beatles tunes,(dang I wonder what that would be like?) From Noon till Midnight at Spike Hill In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Roger Greenawalt & guests will perform 189 Beatles tunes on Ukulele. Paul & George would be impressed! see video here below it's actually very good lol

this made me laff and smile-well done. For more, go to AM/

stop the press's Beatles White Album No.0000005 sold!

Well some lucky winner with very FAT POCKETS scored that Beatles White Album for auction on .The auction ended today with 85 bids for the measley some of £19,201.00 isn't that like $39,000 bucks! I wonder who the winner is? Dang that is alotta loot! man it's gotta be nice to have that kinda money.

have a rawkin blessed day people! comments welcome.
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