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Monday, December 08, 2008

The Fireman didn't Rip off Blue's Mans Song

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The Fireman didn't Rip off Blues mans song

C'mon, an interesting lil ditty, about "Light from your Light House" off the recent
Electric Arguments said to be taken from Blues legend 'Blind man Willie's'
'Let your light Shine on me' (follow me now) I said last week........

'Light from your Light House' from The Fireman kinda reminded me of Midnight Special-done by Credence Clear Water Revival... not sure where it's origin came from?
Somewhere in the deep south of prison chain gangs...Midnight Special also reminiscent of "Let your light Shine on me" by Blind Man Willie- still following? Quote from NME.

"It's true that The Fireman used the Blind Willie Johnson track as inspiration for our own song," they said. "His is a traditional song and this is not the first time an artist has made their own version using such a traditional song."

Exactly Fireman!!!
How many 'other artist's' have been inspired by BLUES music coming from the deep south? This is where Rockin-Roll originated from, The Blues-duh! If today's artist's are inspired from such soulful songs sung (long ago, perhaps heard by great-grand-parents) by legendary blues men, in their strife?
than let them pay homage, as long as the Blues originator is credited for their inspiration, in creating said songs in question? I think it an honor to be remembered..and inspired.. from the architect/ founders of music... I fondly think of Robert Johnson when I write this posty. So don't get all up-tight by rumours, that 'Light from your Light House' was ripped off from a Blues Legend.
ta hb~
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