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Friday, January 09, 2009

Paul McCartney's in Rolling Stone mag this month

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Paul McCartney's in Rolling Stone mag this month
Friday Evening Jan 9th

Macca talks to Rolling Stone mag about Electric Arguments. In the new issue==
(on newsstands everywhere today!), Paul McCartney opens up about the Fireman, his low-key experimental side project with British producer Youth. article here
there is a small Q&A with Paul..(I was disappointed a bit- I thought it would be longer)

A side note: Rolling Stone, didn't even bother to give Electric Arguments, a top 50 spot of 2008's top albums of the year per them. What's up with that? Instead, they choose the likes of the Jonas Bros? & Taylor Swift? I said, What the? The list sux in my opinion...

Whatever happened to the greatness and edge of Rolling Stone magazine? me thinks they need to get back to cutting edge music. OK.. R-E-A-L music & articles-than, slash all that wasted crap advertising space, which takes up, entire pages.. (very annoying) Forget the pop culture stuff..Leave that, to other mags.. Rolling Stone is suppose to be the Holy Grail, of all music magazines... this is what I think when I say" Rolling Stone" C'mon guys, get back to your hip roots and greatness..
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