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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Macca in Glasgow Scottland

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Macca in Glasgow Scottland
oops I said Cardiff :)

Well, another fabulous hit for those at Macca's gig in Cardiff Scottland, where Paul played Mull Of Kintyre, ( a fan favorite) - with full pipe band; two days after his 68th Birthday.. ahh..nice... How I wish, Paul, would do Mull in the states.. why not Paul?!
foto courtesy of Jolanda Van Huizen
Crowdsurge where's the Tix?
By the way; what is up with crowdsurge ticket agency NOT providing fans with their tickets in a timely manner? tons of fans are emailing and calling the company about their Tickets for upcoming gigs- to- Paul McCartney, with no answers or feedback..People traveling internationally are left in the dark. What gives CROWDSURGE? Get in together. You can't be as bad as Ticketmaster... Get the Tix to the fans...geeez~

more later..

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